With our years of experience in the wooden window restoration industry, we are an established provider of premium care and enhancement of heritage, architecturally unique and historically significant wooden windows. No matter how ambitious your project is, Chameleon deliver precise, respectful, efficient and high-quality solutions. Whether your sash wooden windows are the feature of an Edwardian cottage, Georgian office suite, Victorian estate or contemporary site of architectural significance, Chameleon restoration specialists adapt our skills and knowledge to reinstate exceptional windows.
  • In-house team

    We do not hire temporary staff. Each member of our team has been thoroughly trained and has been working with us for many years.

  • Since 2008

    We have been in the business for over a decade, and we’re here to stay.

  • Insured

    Our insurance cover is 5m

  • Full service

    From glass installation to paint finishes - we cover everything. So, when planning renovations, you can rest assured that your timber window work is fully covered.