Functional restoration of timber sash windows

If any timber box sash or casement window in your period home is not opening, stuck or painted shut, or perhaps your sash windows do not operate as smoothly as you wish them to, it may need a functional restoration. This includes every aspect of the window, including the opening and closing mechanisms; pulleys, sash window cords, spring balances, weights, hinges, sash window locks, restrictors, and stops.

What is a functional restoration?

A functional timber window restoration is any type of restoration that improves the function of the window. For example, a functional restoration may include rebalancing the counterweights in a sash window. Or securing the closure of a hinged casement window. Basically, a functional wooden window restoration improves the user’s experience while operating the window and not the style or look of the window.

Of course, functional window restorations typically run hand in hand with sash windows double glazing retrofitting and rotten timber frame repairs. Enhancement restorations are the part of the process where we make your windows look wonderful again. Chameleon ensures that all of the windows we restore are functional and properly protected.

functional restoration
Please Note:

We only do functional restoration as a part of window frame restoration projects. We do not offer emergency broken sash window cords services.

Functional window restoration includes:

  • Sash window weights rebalancing
  • Broken sash cord replacement
  • Unblocking stuck or painted shut sash windows
  • Hinge replacement in Casement windows or French doors
  • Sash window locks installation
  • Eliminating excess rattles and ‘play’
  • Pulley and weight replacement
  • Sash window restrictors installation
  • Sash window spring balance repair
Functional window restoration includes:

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FAQs about functional restoration

What are Sash window restrictors?

Sash window restrictors are little bolts that sit on each side of the window, inside the frame. They stop the window from being opened, and they need a key to be removed. They are added to the window at a height where young children can’t reach them as they are typically for stopping kids from opening the window. However, some period hotels also use window restrictors.

How do window restrictors work?

Window restrictors are fairly simple. They are screwed into the window frame (usually, a threaded insert is inserted into the frame to protect the wood). There is a bar that projects out, blocking the window from opening. To open the window, you have to remove the restrictor, which can be done with the key included with the restrictors. Just simply unscrew the restrictor, and the window will open.

What is a sash cord made of?

Sash cords are almost always made from natural jute. However, the jute cord is sometimes coated in wax to prevent rot.

How does the cord work in a sash window?

The cord in a sash window is very important. Its job is to connect the window to the counterbalance so that as you open the window, the counterweights assist you. The sash cord is simply connected to the window frame and the counterweights via pulleys and allows each to move as the other does.

How much does it cost to replace sash cords?

Sash cord replacements vary depending on where you are in the country and the company you use. However, you could pay anywhere between £180 and £250 for a sash cord repair, but sometimes more. You may also be charged more if the person repairing the sash cord notices anything else that needs fixing.

What is a sash cord screw pulley?

A sash cord screw pulley is the pulley we mentioned above. It is part of the opening mechanism. The sash cord runs through the pulley to assist you in opening the window.

What is a sash cord with a core?

Some sash cords have a core of high abrasion-resistant material that has a very high breaking strain that is then wrapped in a more traditional looking cord. The idea is that these sash cords have much higher breaking strain (thanks to the internal section), but they look no different and won’t change the style of your windows at all.

Why did my sash window cord snap?

Most sash cords break due to friction. It is a moving part of the window, and every time you open and close the window, the sash cord is running through the pulleys and rubbing against parts of the window frame. Eventually, this means that the sash cord will fail. The sash cords with the core we mentioned above last a lot longer than traditional jute cords, but they do fail eventually, too.

Which lasts longer cord or chain for sash?

This is a very popular question for sash window owners. The answer is, of course, chain. Chain is going to last a lot longer than a cord. However, it is best to stick to what the sash window has in the first place. Sash windows are usually tailored to suit the home. So, if your window has a cord, there is a good reason for this. Plus, a properly installed and functioning sash cord can last over 60 years!

How to open painted shut sash windows?

You need to use a putty knife on the bottom of the sash and the windowsill. Slide the putty knife along and gently break the paint open. You can also use a knife to break through any larger areas of paint. Just go slow, and the window will open eventually.


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