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We are an official FINEO glass installer. FINEO is a vacuum-insulating glass which we use for double glazing retrofitting projects. It consisting of 2 panes of glass separated by a vacuum gap.

Perfect Glass for listed buildings, conservation properties & window refurbishment projects

Fineo glass double glazing is a market leader when it comes to upgrading single-glazed windows to double-glazing. It’s the perfect double glazing for Grade II listed buildings or homes where owners would like to keep old window frames in place to retain the charm of their house.

With many benefits, Fineo has not only become the chosen product for homeowners, but it’s easily the top-recommended product here at Chameleon. Let’s take a closer look at the product, its benefits and how it compares to other double-glazing units.

Heat loss of single-glazed windows and windows with FINEO glass

Below is a thermal snapshot of a recent Fineo retro glazing project. The window at the top has Fineo glass. The bottom window still has single glazing and leaks a substantial amount of heat.

Heat-loss imaging of retrofitted and single glazed windows
old sash window retrofitted with FINEO glass
Old sash window (previously single glazed) retrofitted with FINEO glass by our team
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FINEO glass properties

U-ValueOutside °CRoom °CInternal Pane °C
Single Glazing5.8-5°C20°C1°C
fineo glass comparison table
fineo glass detail
1. Fineo glass does not require an evacuation port and
2. does not contain any inert gases.
3. Fineo comes with a 15 years guarantee.

What is Fineo glass?

Fineo is quite simply the latest generation of vacuum-insulated glazing options. With the same thermal value as triple glazing, but without exceeding 6.7mm, these units are incredibly lightweight and discreet.

Never changing the look of your windows, it’s the perfect solution for the refurbishment of sash windows that might not be able to support the weight of regular double or triple glazing, or a perfect option when considering glazing units in a new build.

FINEO glass heat retention testing
FINEO glass heat retention testing

How does Fineo glass compare to other glazings?

With superior glass technology, Fineo removed the air between the glass panes to create a vacuum instead of filling the space with gas, as is standard double-glazed units.

Although this vacuum does the same job as the gas by keeping the heat inside your home, it can not evaporate and totally disappear after about five years as gas normally does.

This is what makes Fineo a more reliable option and a long-term investment when it comes to retrofitting your windows with heritage double glazing.

Secondary Glazing vs double glazing

FINEO properties table vs Slimline double glazing

We have also written a full article about the difference between slimline double glazing and vacuum FINEO glass; it covers key issues with slim double glazing, which FINEO does not have.

Cavity Gas U-Value Guarantee FINEO
FINEO Vacuum Glazing6.7mm3mm0.1mmNONE0.715 YrsEfficiency
Other Slim Double-Glazing11mm3mm4mmKrypton1.95 Yrs63%
12mm4mm4mmKrypton1.95 Yrs63%
13mm4mm5mmKrypton1.75 Yrs59%
14mm4mm6mmKrypton1.55 Yrs53%
16mm4mm8mmKrypton1.35 Yrs46%

FINEO glass benefits

FINEO glass benefits

Testimonial — Trevor and Dee

Project: Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

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Equivalent to triple glazing, and up to 8 times better than single glazing

Ultra-slim FINEO glass has a low U-value of 0.7 W/(m².K), which is equivalent to triple glazing, and up to 8 times better than single glazing. What does that mean for your home? Not only will your house better store heat during the cold winter months with a Fineo insulated window, making it more comfortable and cosy, but you’ll benefit from a significant reduction in your energy bills.

Fineo Glass brochure
Fineo Glass datasheet

Recent FINEO double glazing retrofitting projects

    Double glazing of original sash windows

    Double glazing of original sash windows

    Vacuum double glazing installation

    Vacuum double glazing installation

    Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

    Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

    Retrofitting original sash windows with double glazing in Suffolk

    Retrofitting original sash windows with double glazing in Suffolk

    Fitting double glazing to existing windows in Chelmsford

    Fitting double glazing to existing windows in Chelmsford

    Double glazing retrofitting in Wing

    Double glazing retrofitting in Wing

It makes your home brighter

By letting in 15% more natural light into your home, Fineo brightens up rooms in your home to allow you and your plants to thrive. However, light isn’t the only thing it lets in; as an added bonus, you’ll find the sun penetrating your rooms, which should, again, help with reducing your energy consumption. 

Improved noise reduction

An especially useful feature if you’re in an area with traffic or a higher footfall. With FINEO glass, you can soundproof your old windows and shut out most of your neighbourhood noise, as these units outperform most other insulated glass options by reducing noise anywhere up to 12db. 

Think Fineo glass is the product for you?

As an official FINEO installer, we’re able to come to your home to assess your windows. We usually repair the frame and install draught-proof systems alongside the FINEO installation, so you can rest assured that your timber-frame windows are in their best possible state without ever changing the character of your home.

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