Sash windows double glazing in Suffolk

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Upgrade your single glazing to double-glazed units and draught-proof your timber sash windows in Suffolk.

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Professional glazing retrofitting service in Suffolk

Suffolk is home to many timeless period properties with sash windows, one of their most beautiful distinguishing features.

Chameleon offers a new type of Sash window double glazing service in Suffolk where only the glass is being replaced.

  • Reglazing service is suitable for all types of wooden windows, including sash, casement, French doors and even wooden conservatories.
  • No need to replace the entire window or swap out the sashes for double-glazed ones. Our team can retrofit slim double-glazed windows into existing sashes and frames.

Quick overview of our double glazing service

Double glazing existing windows

Repair and reinforce window frames and sashes

Vacuum glazing

Listed buildings double glazing

Extensive guarantee

Sash windows double glazing suffolk

Enjoy improved window insulation

Would you like to enjoy 21st-century comfort in your classic Suffolk period home without replacing your existing sash windows with new ones?

With our sash window retrofitting service, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our team can upgrade traditional sash windows in Suffolk with slimline vacuum-insulated glazing.

This state-of-the-art glazing unit can be installed into old sashes without sacrificing the original features, such as Georgian bars.

  • Eight times more efficient than single-glazing.
  • Cut external noise in half.

Official FINEO installer in Suffolk

The popular FINEO glass for old sash windows is already a feature in countless homes in Suffolk, and with good reason.

Just have a look at the glazing comparison table, which shows the difference between vacuum-insulated FINEO glass and other glazing options.

The vacuum-insulated glazing shows outstanding performance at thicknesses which allows it to be retrofitted into existing frames.

Don’t worry if your windows are rotten or don’t function properly

Don’t worry if your windows are rotten or don’t function properly

If you’re worried that your sash windows are too old, rotten, and broken for reglazing, don’t worry—that’s not a problem for us.

We can repair even the most decayed windows. Just check out our before-and-after gallery.

While reglazing, we’ll repair rotten window sills and replace sash cords and pulleys where necessary.

Our team will also reinforce the sashes so they can hold the additional weight of double glazing.

After reglazing, draught-proofing, and all repairs, we’ll paint-spray the windows for you.

Windows draught proofing in Suffolk

Draught-proofing is an integral part of our sash window double-glazing service in Suffolk.

  • Better insulation of your home, helping it to retain warmth and reducing energy costs.
  • Lower levels of sound passing through the gaps between the moving parts of the window.
sash window draught proofing

Sash window services in Suffolk

We offer all types of sash windows services in Suffolk, from sash windows double glazing to restoration and draught-proofing – we’ve got you covered.

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Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

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