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Commercial Sash Window Restoration Contractor

500 + successful projects over the past 15 years. Meticulous Planning & Structured Deadlines

50 + Sash Windows is our minimal order quantity for commercial restoration services

Specialist Window Contractors

For larger projects, we create another dimension of value – speed. Our window renovation method allows us to thoroughly repair and spray paint up to 15 windows a day.

For industries like hospitality, commercial lending, education, R&D or any business where a quick turnaround with retention of high quality is a must, we are head and shoulders above the competition. Not only do we provide an unprecedented 20-year warranty on repairs and 10-year warranty on paintwork, but we also get the job done fast, on time and on budget. Our clients get beautifully looking windows that will last for decades.

Preservation areas and listed buildings

Renovating historic windows can be a challenging, expensive and time-consuming task.

Our window renovation method brings windows back to their former glory and preserves them for future decades. We work closely with preservation officers, making sure our clients get beautiful, well-protected windows while following all relevant guidelines.

Sash and Casement Windows on-site Paint Spraying

Paint sprayers allow us to apply an equivalent of 2-3 perfectly even coats of paint in just one day. This gives woodwork much better protection, perfect adhesion and superior finish. With such application windows and doors can be shut overnight without sticking.

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