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Wooden Windows Restoration & Decoration

We are a team of joiners, decorators and wooden windows experts. Since 2008.

Our Window Renovation Services

Our team of sash windows specialists, joiners and experienced in-house decorators bring wooden windows in historic buildings back to their former glory and make them energy efficient. We offer a wide range of wooden window renovation services.

Sash and Casement Windows Restoration

Sash and Casement Windows Restoration

Double Glazing Existing Periodic Sash and Casement Windows

Double Glazing Existing Periodic Sash and Casement Windows

Sash Windows Draught Proofing

Sash Windows Draught Proofing

Windows Painting and Paint Spraying

Windows Painting and Paint Spraying

Specialist wooden window restoration company

Our sash window company specialises in renovation and energy saving improvement of historic wooden window. We resolve the most daunting problems – never-ending paintwork and window putty cracking, weak timber frames unable to carry the weight of double glazing, broken sash window cords, stuck pulleys, window sill replacements and layers upon layers of compromised, uneven old paint.

Our strengths create unbeatable value – the long-lasting quality of work, perfect finish, unhurried speed and ability to repair unrepairable windows. Each window refurbishment project has its challenges that sash windows specialists resolve with their own know-how, bright engineering minds and skills that come with decades of experience.

We work with commercial and private homeowners’ projects. However, our minimum order quantity for such work is 15 windows. This is where the cost per window reaches its optimal value.

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