Sash windows refurbishment and retrofitting prices

Sash window refurbishment and double glazing cost

We offer two sash windows refurbishment service packages: Wooden windows restoration and double glazing retrofitting.

Window renovation focuses on timber frames and window functionality; it includes re-decoration as an optional add-on draught-proofing.

Double glazing retrofitting includes everything from the window renovation package and the installation of slim-profile double glazing, which makes the original sash window significantly more energy efficient.

Timber frame restoration

sash window refurbishment cost

Accoya/Tricoya wood is warranted for 50 years above ground, 25 years in-ground/freshwater. Therefore, windows laminated with Accoya/Tricoya wood will outlast any new hardwood windows.

Double glazing retrofitting

Sash window double glazing cost

Vacuum sealed double glazing is equivalent to standard triple glazing and is up to 8 times more energy-efficient than a single glazed window and is thin enough to be retrofitted into original sashes.

Please Note:

Our minimum order quantity is 10 windows.
We do not work as an emergency call-out repair service.

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Our minimum order quantity for Essex is 15 windows.

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£689 Avаrage size window

Sash window refurbishment cost

  • Window frame repair
  • Window frames restoration & lamination
  • Window painting 
  • Draught-proofing (Optional)
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£1579 Avаrage size window

Sash window double glazing cost

  • 8 years paintwork guarantee
  • 20 years on repair parts with Accoya/tricoyya timber
  • 15 Years FINEO glass double glazing manufacture guarantee
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£689 Avаrage size window


£1579 Avаrage size window

Window frame restoration

Remove and replace rotten wood

Laminate window frames with Tricoya

The most exposed parts of window frames and sashes are laminated with Tricoya/Accoya wood to protect these elements from rot and decay for decades.

Repair loose putty

Prepare window frame for painting


Paint spraying exterior sides of windows( 2 -3 coats). Each coat of paint applied by a paint sprayer is equivalent to 3 coats if applied by a brush or a roller.

Draught-Proofing and functional restoration (Optional)

Draught-poofing, Repair pulley and Cords

Cut a groove into sash meeting rail and fit weather-stripping; Service pulleys; Install new staff & parting beads with weather-stripping; Provide and fit any missing weights; Hang sashes to run freely;

£280 – 360 

Unblock window

Change locks



Double-glazing retrofitting

Remove old glass

Prepare windows for re-glazing with Fineo glass

Rebate window frame

We reinforce window frames to ensure they can safely hold heavier glass

Instal double glazing units

FINEO glass – Latest vacuum glazing technology

Adjust weights and pulleys

Add new weights to counterbalance heavier glass

Re-putty window

We use flexible resin instead of traditional putty for better weather resistance.

Cost to convert single glazed windows to double glazing

The cost of converting single glazed windows to double by retrofitting double glazing to wooden ones is around £1600 per window.

This cost includes restoration of timber frames, weight adjustments, draught-proofing and re-decoration. Retrofitting will not give desired benefits if window frames are not structurally sound or if cold air still comes through the gaps between moving parts of the window. For this reason, double glazing retrofitting requires all spectrum of restoration tasks.

After retrofitting and refurbishing, your previously single glazed window will upgrade its energy rating to be highly efficient, as vacuum double glazing has a 0.7 U-value, the same as triple glazing.

This type of house improvement is considered a capital investment, which means it will increase the value of your property when sold and reduce your running cost.

Retrofitting also has an intangible value, as it helps preserve the original window frames while improving thermal insulation significantly.

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Your questions answered

Do your refurbish casement windows?

Yes, our team can refurbish timber windows of any style; casement, sash, bow, bay, french door/window, arch, Venetian. 

Some of my windows are less rotten than others, will this affect the price per window?

The price per window depends on the window’s design, size, difficulty of access and how many sides of the window will need lamination. Therefore, the price is more affected by how many sides of the window require lamination rather than the depth or extent of the rot. Our specialists will be happy to explain this in more detail at a quote meeting.

What do you mean by an “average size” of a window?

For the sake of guide pricing we use the following dimensions: 900-1200мм centre bar style sash window

What is the lead time to get the exterior window renovation work done?

Generally speaking, a 15 window project will take us 5-7 days.