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Windows restoration & Decoration

Sash Windows Repair in Suffolk

Sash windows restoration is up to 70% cheaper than complete windows replacement. We specialise in Sash windows repair Suffolk and East Anglia region.

Our windows restoration services

We are experts in sash window repair in Suffolk ensuring your windows not only look beautiful but are restored back to their original splendour. Wooden window repair is much more than just a fresh lick of paint and replacement of damaged glass. Years of wear and tear can damage wooden windows causing rot and decay which ultimately results in heat loss and loss of functionality.

Sash and Casement Windows Restoration

Double Glazing Existing Periodic Sash and Casement Windows

Sash Windows Draught Proofing

Windows Painting and Paint Spraying

Specialist in sash windows restoration in Suffolk.

If you live in Suffolk and are looking to repair or update your sash windows but don’t know where to start, speak to us at Chameleon today. Replacing windows can be extremely time consuming and costly. By restoring your sash wooden windows, you save the charm and sentiment of your home intact.

We at Chameleon have been carrying out wooden window repair in Suffolk for over 15 years. Our highly skilled team provides a first-class service ensuring work is completed to the highest possible standard.

Decorating your windows by adding a new layer of paint only hides the underlying issues and your windows will continue to deteriorate. We can fully assess the state of your wooden windows and treat any issues such as badly decayed frames, rotten beading, missing putty, or thick layers of compromised old paint.

As a part of windows restoration project we can also paint and refurbish any exterior woodwork and masonry.

Here are the top 9 issues we deal with every day


Decayed window sills


Rotten beading


Partially decayed frame


Loose putty

Rain water penetrates unprotected wood through cracks in putty


Cracked glass pane

We replace all cracked glass before commencing the wood repairs


Recently painted windows

Often rotten wood is left untreated under a fresh coat of paint. It leads to even more expensive repairs being needed in the future.


Holes in sash window frames

Despite the scary appearance, we repair these on a daily basis


Missing putty and rotten bottom rail

Where necessary we will replace badly rotten window parts


Wet, partially rotten sills

Stripped back to solid wood, the sills will be treated and repaired with Accoya/ Tricoya wood


Our windows repair projects in Suffolk and East Anglia Region

Why Choose us

500 + happy customers  over the past 15 years

10 / 15 / 20 years Warranty

For your peace of mind we give the following guarantees

10 years on Paintwork

15 years on Double Glazing

20 years on Repairs

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 If you would like to restore sash windows in Suffolk, speak to us today for a free quote.

– thorough assessment of your exterior woodwork;
– detailed written quotation;
– understanding of the condition of your woodwork and what needs to be done;
– tailor-made solution for your project.

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