Minimum order quantity

Please note, our minimum order quantity is 10 windows

Please be advised that our company specialises in larger projects, with a minimum order quantity of 10 windows for restoration or double glazing installation. 

Why do we have a minimum order quantity? 

To properly restore wooden windows we bring 2 vans filled with essential tools and machinery on site. Also, our work processes require a minimum of 10 windows to avoid idle time and give you the best price per window. 

Minimum order quantity also varies between the regions, please check our service map for more details 

To put simply, on smaller projects, the price per window would increase dramatically to absorb the same overheads as a large project. This would make our prices incompatible. 

How do we count windows?

Bay window = 3 windows or 5 windows (depending on the bay window configuration)

Set of french doors = 4 windows

Extra-large sash windows = 2 windows

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