Interior wall paint calculator

Here is our handy paint calculator. This will help with all of your painting projects. If you want to find out exactly how much paint you’ll need and never buy more litres of paint than you’ll need ever again, use this tool. It is really easy, and you’ll be painting your next project in no time!

Quick instructions on how to use the paint calculator

  • 01

    Measure all the walls and ceilings that you want to be painted.

  • 02

    Enter the measurements of the space into our calculator. You can add multiple walls at the same time.

  • 03

    Then, enter the area to exclude, this is could be doors and windows.

  • 04

    Always remember, you’ll likely need two coats of paint to ensure you get the results you want. Don’t worry, you can select the number of coats in the calculator too.

  • 05

    Specify your individual paint consumption per square unit

1. Dimentional units

2. What are the wall dimensions that you want to cover?

Paint calculator

3. Areas to exclude. Windows/doors etc.

Paint calculator

4. Coats to be covered (2 recomended)

5. Liters of paint per square

Included total paint waste: 5%

Result: enter values

How this paint calculator works

This paint calculator helps you work out the minimum litres of paint you need per project so you don’t buy too much.

The calculation is based on 10 m² per litre of paint which is a pretty standard measurement, but some paints can vary.

You just need to enter the dimensions of the space you’re painting and a little more info, and you get a precise amount. You can even take off the square metres of the areas you don’t want to paint too, things like windows and skirting boards, for example.

Once you have measured the room and taken away all of the areas you don’t want to paint, you’ll know the amount of paint to buy.

Bulky figure: How much paint do I need to paint a room?

It depends on the dimensions of the room. To find out how much paint you need, measure the dimensions of the room.

Then, use our handy paint calculator to find out how many litres of paint you’ll need for coverage.

If you’re only looking for a rough idea of how much paint you’ll need at the moment, here are some figures from common room sizes we have painted in the UK.

Small children’s bedroom

For any bedroom that will fit a single bed, small wardrobe and a table and that has a medium-sized window and a regular door, you’ll need 4 litres of paint for the walls in 2 coats and 2 to paint the ceiling.

small children bedroom

Medium size master bedroom

For a medium-sized master bedroom that fits a double or super king-sized bed with large windows, you will need 5 litres of paint to paint the walls in 2 coats and 2.5-3 to paint a ceiling.

medium size masterbendroom

Large family sitting room

For a large family sitting room, you will probably need 6 litres of paint to paint the walls in 2 coats and 4-5 to paint a ceiling.

large family sitting room


What area does 5 Litres of paint cover?

5 litres of paint can cover 50m².

What area does 1 Litre of paint cover? 

A litre of paint generally covers 10m². Not all paints are created equal, though, so some differ from this. 10 m² is about the average coverage for paints in the UK.

How much paint do I need per m2?

You need about 100ml of paint for one coat on one square metre of wall or ceiling.


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