The 10 Best UK Paint Brands

26 Mar

The 10 Best UK Paint Brands

Choosing the right paint for your project can be daunting, but we’ve compiled a list of the best paint brands in the UK.

We’ve meticulously compiled a definitive list of the top ten premium paint brands currently available in the UK.

Our range extends from the time-honoured favourite, Dulux – a staple in many a television advertisement – to numerous other brands that promise exceptional coverage and enduring durability.

This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in choosing the impeccable paint finish to suit your every need, no matter the task at hand.

So, whether you find yourself contending with a horde of playful Old English Sheepdogs routinely scampering through your home, or simply wish to refresh your living space, rest assured. With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed choice that results in a top-notch, quality paint finish that stands up to the test of time!

What to look for when buying paint

When shopping for paint, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

From price and sheen level to ease of application and coverage, making the right choice can make all the difference in your decorating project.

Here is some key point to consider:

Convenience, widely available

To sidestep potential setbacks, it’s crucial to make sure that the paint you select for a project – for instance, painting your home – is readily available in sufficient quantities.

Imagine finding yourself in a situation where you’ve covered half your wall with a beautiful shade, only to discover that you’re out of paint and your chosen brand is temporarily out of stock. Having to wait for a new shipment or, worse, having to switch to a different brand midway, can be incredibly aggravating.

Therefore, before embarking on your painting journey, do a bit of groundwork. Check your local stores and online outlets for the availability of your selected paint brand and shade. Make sure it’s not just in stock but abundantly so. This simple step can save you a lot of unnecessary stress and ensure that your painting project proceeds smoothly from start to finish.

Good Coverage

The problem with opting for low-quality paint is that achieving a satisfactory finish often necessitates multiple coats, which can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Take, for instance, high-quality paints. Although they typically require fewer applications than their less expensive counterparts, achieving that flawless finish still generally involves multiple layers. It’s a fundamental principle of painting that good quality paints, while more efficient, will not exempt you from the necessity of additional coats.

Here’s a handy tip to keep in mind: when estimating the coverage provided by each can of paint, you should essentially halve the indicated coverage for each subsequent layer required to achieve your desired results. This will provide a more accurate picture of the amount of paint you’ll need, helping you plan your project more effectively and efficiently.

Good Coverage paint properties.jpeg

So, make sure you buy enough paint to cover the area you need and make sure it is good quality so that you won’t spend the rest of your life painting your walls!

Don’t choose the cheaper paint; it will make you work harder

While shopping for paint, it’s often tempting to gravitate towards the more economical options. However, going for a cheaper paint might not be the cost-effective choice you anticipate it to be.

The coverage provided by such paint often falls short, meaning you may end up needing more paint than initially estimated. That’s why it’s a sound investment to spend a little extra on higher-quality paint.

dont buy cheap paint

Higher-quality paint tends to provide superior coverage, requiring fewer coats for a satisfactory finish. Plus, it’s generally more durable, which means your beautifully painted walls will retain their fresh appearance for longer, reducing the frequency of repaints.

What’s more, top-tier paint is typically much easier to apply. It spreads evenly, adheres well, and often dries faster.

Consequently, the time and effort you need to commit to painting your walls can be substantially reduced.

So, while it may seem counterintuitive, spending a bit more upfront on quality paint can prove to be a smarter, more cost-effective decision over time.

All colours available in one paint brand

There are thousands of paint colours available now.

But if you have a particular theme or colour palette in mind, it makes sense to find one brand that offers all the colours you’re looking for.

This ensures consistency in terms of paint thickness, coverage, cost and application.

paint colours available

Small pot samples available

Taking some sample pots home before committing to a large purchase of paint can be a wise decision. This will allow you to test out the colour and finish and get a better idea of what the finished project will look like, as well as check for any discrepancies in coverage or quality.

Sample pots are often relatively inexpensive and can save you both time and money in the long run by allowing you to see exactly what colour you’re getting and see it in your wall and lighting.

Check paint VOC levels.

VOC levels are an important consideration when buying paint, particularly if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your purchase. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals which evaporate easily and contribute to air pollution, so it is important to check the VOC level of any paint that you buy.

Low VOC paints such as Earthborn have much lower levels than conventional ones and contain fewer hazardous pollutants, making them a better choice in terms of health and sustainability. Be sure to read reviews carefully before deciding on a particular paint, as quality can vary significantly even among low VOC types.

So, when buying paint, think about the four C’s; convenience, coverage, cost and colour and a couple of other points we have covered above.

But which ten brands in the UK make the best paints and your life a bit easier? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Here are 10 of the best paint brands in the UK that make life easier:


Johnstone’s is a fantastic paint brand that makes a variety of paint for almost every application you could ever need.

They make brilliant wall and ceiling paint. Metal and wood paint and care products and even more.

One of their most popular paints, though, is their anti-bacterial paint that comes in 10 colours and is perfect for any room in the home. As well they make one of the best paint for exterior wood.

Johnstone’s doesn’t have the largest colour range available, but all of its paints are very high quality and hard-wearing. In terms of price and quality, Johnstone’s is one of the best.


With its iconic name, Dulux paints come with a slightly higher price tag but are more than worth it for the quality that has become synonymous with the brand.

And, with one of the most extensive collections of colours offered by any UK paint provider, you can find exactly what you need for your home.

Dulux paints are also renowned for their superior durability, making them ideal for protecting walls in busy family homes.


Mylands is likely a paint brand that you are unfamiliar with. However, check them out.

If you’re after a modern paint scheme, Mylands probably has a beautiful colour that you will fall in love with.

They make some lovely paint that is perfect for a very high-end finish around the home. For feature walls or an entire room, Mylands can provide an elegant look and feel.

Crown Paints

Crown has some wonderful, standard paints that are an excellent option for getting the job done and making your home look and feel nice.

However, it is Crown’s speciality paints where this brand really shines through.

For example, Crown makes a suede paint which is a textured matt emulsion that looks wonderful on a feature wall. They also make metallic paints for feature walls and loads more.

Whether you need trade paint or a very specific speciality paint, Crown is a very good choice.

Little Greene

Little Greene is another paint company that is pushing the boundaries of painting your home and offering loads of up-to-date, modern colours that will make your home look awesome.

Their colours are wonderful, the quality of the paint is incredible, and their collections are nice and thought through.

They also sell speciality paints like masonry paint in colours that other companies don’t. So if you like to be different, Little Greene is the paint brand for you.

Leyland Trade

Leyland Trade gets the job done and gets it done quickly and professionally. If you’re looking for a paint brand that has thousands of colours to choose from, Leyland isn’t it.

They basically do white primer, white and eggshell. However, all of Leyland’s paints are available in large quantities.

So, if you have a lot of painting to do and want paint that offers great coverage at a reasonable price, Leyland is an excellent brand to choose.

Paper and Paints

Paper and Paints make some of the finest colours of paint in the UK. Their latest range of paints is modern, bright and beautiful.

The paint they make is also extremely high quality and a must-have for anyone who wants a modern home with a suitable colour chart that will look amazing for years.


Earthborn makes paint that is designed to be gentle to the planet, your kids and you. Its paints help the environment and help you create an environment that your family will love.

If you are decorating your baby’s nursery and want paint that compliments your colour scheme and is made from good quality and safe materials, Earthborn is the brand to choose from.

Fired Earth

From rich yellows to the blackest of blacks, Fired Earth makes some of the most beautiful paint in the UK.

It isn’t available in all hardware shops, but you can buy it online, and once you have taken a look at the amazing colour options you have, you will definitely want this paint in your home.

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball is used by many painters and decorators, and tradespeople because their customers love it, and it is some of the highest quality of paint on the market.

Farrow & Ball also has one of the largest colour ranges in the UK, meaning the choice is pretty much endless.

However, it is also one of the more expensive paints per litre. Still, it is readily available in most hardware stores.

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