The 10 Best UK Paint Brands

26 Mar

The 10 Best UK Paint Brands

For many of us, the sign of good paint is an Old English Sheepdog running through a house that has been freshly painted with Dulux paint.

After all, in the UK, these are pretty much the only paint adverts we ever see. But is Dulux really the best paint you can buy, or are there alternatives?

Well, Dulux is on our list, but so are another nine brilliant paint brands. So, here are the best paint brands in the UK that you should use the next time you are painting your home. Bur first, here’s how to choose the right paint for your project.

What to look for when buying paint

There are a few considerations when buying paint. In order to get the most of your paint and ensure the whole decorating process is nice and easy, you should consider the following:


One of the worst things that can happen when painting anything is running out of paint, heading to the shop to buy more, and the brand and colour you need is nowhere to be seen. If you are painting your entire house, for example, make sure the paint you use is readily available. If not, you may end up with a half-painted wall for several weeks while you wait for another can of paint!


Cheaper paint is often very thin (hence why it doesn’t cover surfaces very well). So while you may save money by buying cheap paint at first, you may need to spend more on cheap paint to get good coverage. Spending a bit more on good quality paint from the very beginning means your walls are covered nicely, the paint will likely last longer, and you save time too.


The issue with poor quality paint is that you’re going to need several coats to get a good finish. In fact, even very high-quality paint can’t always cover a surface in one or two coats. However, the better quality the paint, the less painting you need to do. Also, all paint cans state the area the paint can cover. If you’re going to need two coats, you need to half that number. So, make sure you buy enough paint to cover the area you need and make sure it is good quality so that you won’t spend the rest of your life painting your walls!


There are thousands of paint colours available now. You can even make your own colour of paint in most hardware stores. However, if you have a theme in your home and want to stick to certain colours, it makes sense to find one paint brand that has all the colours you want. That way, you are used to the thickness of the paint, the coverage, cost and how it applies.

So, when buying paint, think about the four C’s; convenience, coverage, cost and colour.

But which 10 brands in the UK make the best paints and your life a bit easier? Well, let’s find out, shall we?


Johnstone’s is a fantastic paint brand that makes a variety of paint for pretty much every application you could ever need.

They make brilliant wall and ceiling paint. Metal and wood paint and care products and even more.

One of their most popular paints, though, is their anti-bacterial paint that comes in 10 colours and is perfect for any room in the home.

Johnstone’s doesn’t have the largest colour range available, but all of their paints are very high quality and hard-wearing. In terms of price and quality, Johnstone’s is one of the best.


Dulux is one of the most recognisable brands of paint in the UK.

Because of this, the price of their paint is a bit higher than others. Still, the quality that got Dulux’s name into all of our minds is still very much present. Dulux also has one of the largest collections of colours of any paint brand in the UK, so it’s a great paint to choose if you’re looking for quality and a nice range of colour.

Dulux also makes some of the most hard-wearing paint in the UK, perfect for family homes and any wall you want to protect.


Mylands is likely a paint brand that you are unfamiliar with. However, check them out.

If you’re after a modern paint scheme, Mylands probably has a beautiful colour that you will fall in love with.

They make some lovely paint that is perfect for a very high-end finish around the home. For feature walls or an entire room, Mylands can provide an elegant look and feel.

Crown Paints

Crown has some wonderful, standard paints that are an excellent option for getting the job done and making your home look and feel nice.

However, it is Crown’s speciality paints where this brand really shines through.

For example, Crown makes a suede paint which is a textured matt emulsion that looks wonderful on a feature wall. They also make metallic paints for feature walls and loads more.

Whether you need trade paint or a very specific speciality paint, Crown is a very good choice.

Little Greene

Little Greene is another paint company that is pushing the boundaries of painting your home and offering loads of up-to-date, modern colours that will make your home look awesome.

Their colours are wonderful, the quality of the paint is incredible, and their collections are nice and thought through.

They also sell speciality paints like masonry paint in colours that other companies don’t. So if you like to be different, Little Greene is the paint brand for you.

Leyland Trade

Leyland Trade gets the job done and gets it done quickly and professionally. If you’re looking for a paint brand that has thousands of colours to choose from, Leyland isn’t it.

They basically do white primer, white and eggshell. However, all of Leyland’s paints are available in large quantities.

So, if you have a lot of painting to do and want paint that offers great coverage at a reasonable price, Leyland is an excellent brand to choose.

Paper and Paints

Paper and Paints make some of the finest colours of paint in the UK. Their latest range of paints is modern, bright and beautiful.

The paint they make is also extremely high quality and a must-have for anyone who wants a modern home with a suitable colour chart that will look amazing for years.


Earthborn makes paint that is designed to be gentle to the planet, your kids and you. Its paints help the environment and help you create an environment that your family will love.

If you are decorating your baby’s nursery and want paint that compliments your colour scheme and is made from good quality and safe materials, Earthborn is the brand to choose from.

Fired Earth

From rich yellows to the blackest of blacks, Fired Earth makes some of the most beautiful paint in the UK.

It isn’t available in all hardware shops, but you can buy it online, and once you have taken a look at the amazing colour options you have, you will definitely want this paint in your home.

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball is used by many painters and decorators, and tradespeople because their customers love it, and it is some of the highest quality of paint on the market.

Farrow & Ball also has one of the largest colour ranges in the UK, meaning the choice is pretty much endless.

However, it is also one of the more expensive paints per litre. Still, it is readily available in most hardware stores.

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