Casement windows restoration

Casement windows restoration

The Chameleon team offers casement windows restoration and double glazing services in East and South England. 

Wooden windows are one of the essential features of any period property.  Original wooden windows also look great and add character to a property.
If you have wooden casement windows that need restoration and still have single glazing and draughts, consider getting them repaired or retrofitted with new double-glazed units.
You can keep existing frames that will be refurbished. Still, the new vacuum glazing that will replace the current single glazing will make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your casement windows and make your life more comfortable.

rotten casement window frame
Casement windows restoration

Repair Casement Window

Our sash windows specialists team repair casement windows as well as french doors and traditional sash windows.

The most common issue we deal with is rotten timber frames. We restore from decay tens of windows every week, so we know a great deal about rot and how to save wooden windows from expensive replacement.

Here is the list of the most common casement window problems by order of importance:

  • Rotten Timber frames, sashes and external sills.
  • Inefficient single glazing. 
  • Leaking window frames.
  • Cracked or Damaged Glass.
  • Stiff or rigid to open hinges.
  • Inefficient single glazing. 
bay casement window repairbay casement window repair
Bay window restoration

Examples of refurbished casement windows

Below are examples of a before and after window refurbishment. We repaired the frame, replaced all rotten sections of wood, draught-proofed and installed new double glazing. The customer was delighted with the result.

Here is another example of rotten timber window repair. All other companies have told the homeowner that the only solution was a replacement. We were able to repair and refurbish the windows and save money on replacement.

refurbished casement
traditional casement windows

How long does it take to refurbish wooden windows?

Each restoration project’s time depends on the number of windows and their condition. If we are only doing refurbishment, our team refurbish around 10-15 windows per week, painting inclusive.

If you want us to install double-glazed units and draught-proofing seals into your windows, add couple more days as this is a more delicate job and has to be done with great care. 

How much does casement window restoration cost?

Our sash windows refurbishment prices are very straightforward with no hidden costs.

To get an accurate quote, we need to see your windows. The cost to refurbish and repaint a wooden window starts from only £600 per window, which includes all timber frame repairs and painting.

Fitting Double Glazed units to existing casement windows

Window restoration is a common practice for historic buildings, as the original single-glazed windows can be pretty drafty and inefficient in keeping the property warm during winter. A replacement option is not always possible due to some restrictions.

The local authorities also might not permit the replacement of the sash or casement windows in Grade 2 listed buildings, so restoring your frames is the only option.

With new vacuum double glazing, the new option becomes available for the owner of the properties in conservation areas.

Using our double glazing service, you can keep your existing casement window and get them refurbished and double-glazed.

double glazed casement window

Benefits of vacuum glazing retrofitting completed other glazing options and windows replacement:

  • Thermal insulation is much higher than with any other type of glass. You can achieve a U value as low as 0.7 W/m²K. This is 8x better than the U-value of single glazing.
  • Acoustic insulation: You can achieve a 36 dB reduction in noise with just 7 mm double glazing.
  • UV blocking: New glass will protect your furniture from harmful UV rays.
  • Low-Emissivity: This means that the glass reflects heat into the room, making it much easier to heat your home during the winter months and reducing the cost of heating.
  • 7 mm thin double glazing fits existing frames.
  • Improved security: Double glazing will make your home harder to break.
  • Easier to get permission if you live in a Grade 2 listed property or conservation area.
  • Guarantee: FINEO glass comes with a 15-year warranty, and our refurbishment services come with a 20-year guarantee on repair and eight years on paintwork.

Draught-proofing casement windows

As part of our casement window repair and refurbishment service, we offer a draught-proofing service. This is a great way to improve comfort in your home and make your windows more energy efficient —draught-proofing sealing the gap between the frame and windows sashes and ensuring that the windows close tightly.

Our recent casement window restoration projects 

    Timber casement windows repair and double glazing in Bedford

    Timber casement windows repair and double glazing in Bedford

    Rotten Casement Windows Restoration near Cambridge

    Rotten Casement Windows Restoration near Cambridge

    Pilkington Spacia glass – Vacuum-insulated glazing retrofitting project

    Pilkington Spacia glass – Vacuum-insulated glazing retrofitting project

    Casement windows restoration Cambridge

    Casement windows restoration Cambridge

Here are some of the projects we completed in the past. Please visit our portfolio and before and after gallery if you need further inspiration.

If you have questions about our restoration or draught-proofing services or want a free quote for casement window repair, please do not hesitate to contact us.

One of our surveyors will visit your property at the agreed date and time, provides you with professional advice, and assess the current conditions of your windows. We will send you a quote three days after the quote meetings.