Sash windows double glazing Hertfordshire

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Retrofitting your single glazing with double glazed units and draught-proofing your timber sash windows

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Replacing your single-glazing with VIG glazing units

Vacuum double glazing is an innovative glazing product that, at only 8 mm thick, fits perfectly into the slim rebate of a period sash window.

Why not experience the numerous advantages of double-glazed sash windows, offering the thermal efficiency of standard triple glazing, for your Hertfordshire home?

With our reglazing service, you can enhance your property without altering the cherished and elegant features of traditional windows.

  • Improve energy efficiency

    Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce external noise

    Reduce external noise
  • Increased security

    Increased security
  • Stop cold draughts

    Stop cold draughts

Quick overview of our double glazing service

Double glazing existing windows

Repair and reinforce window frames and sashes

Vacuum glazing

Listed buildings double glazing

Extensive guarantee

Double glazing existing sashes

If you’re aiming for triple-glazing energy efficiency and want to save on heating bills, you don’t need to completely replace your single-glazed windows or install cumbersome secondary glazing.

Our reglazing experts can retrofit your existing wooden frames with vacuum double-glazing units.

FINEO glass, which is utilized in our project, enables the achievement of triple-glazing while maintaining the original appearance of your sash windows.

Vacuum double glazing vs single glazing
Sash windows double glazing Hertfordshire

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Testimonial — Trevor and Dee

Project: Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

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Testimonial – Sally

Project: Vacuum double glazing installation

Vacuum double glazing installation

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