Sash windows double glazing in Milton Keynes

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Retrofitting your single glazing with double glazed units and draught-proofing your timber sash windows

Do you experience any of the issues listed below?

If yes, our sash window double glazing service might be the perfect solution.

  • Low energy efficiency & high heating cost
    Low energy efficiency & high heating cost
  • Poor external noise insulation
    Poor external noise insulation
  • Cold draughts
    Cold draughts
  • Condensation on window panes
    Condensation on window panes
  • 500+ Happy
  • 8 Years Paintwork Guarantee
  • 15 Years of Warranty on Glass
  • Google Rating

Vacuum double glazing service Milton Keynes

Small villages surrounding Milton Keynes contain numerous historic properties with original sash windows. Unlike contemporary double or triple-glazed windows, these antique sashes are single-paned and lead to considerable heat loss.

Our company provides a straightforward glazing solution – we replace the single pane with vacuum-sealed double glazing, retrofitting the new energy-efficient panes into the existing sash frames.

This preserves the aesthetic of the traditional windows while improving insulation. Upgrading to our vacuum-sealed double glazing reduces drafts and energy costs for homeowners in these quaint villages near Milton Keynes who want to maintain the charm of their older homes.

Quick overview of our double glazing service

Double glazing existing windows

Repair and reinforce window frames and sashes

Vacuum glazing

Listed buildings double glazing

Extensive guarantee

Sash windows draught-proofing Milton Keynes

When we reglaze original wooden windows in Milton Keynes, we also install draught-proofing seals. This improves the insulation of the windows and has a number of other benefits.

The draught-proofing seals we install are high-quality products that are designed to reduce air leakage around windows.

As experts in draught-proofing and window installation in Milton Keynes, we take care to properly fit the seals to your existing wooden windows.

Adding this additional layer of weatherstripping will help prevent drafts from entering your home, providing better insulation against noise and cold.

sash window draught proofing

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We bring historic wooden windows back to their former glory and make them energy efficient

Vacuum glazing is as efficient as triple glazing

Vacuum glazing is as efficient as triple glazing

Official FINEO glass installer in Milton Keynes

Chameleon is an authorized and certified installer of FINEO glass products in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire.

Our skilled team of glaziers has worked extensively with FINEO Glass since the company first introduced its innovative glazing solutions to the UK market.

We follow FINEO’s strict installation guidelines to ensure every project meets its rigorous quality standards.

Our customers can rely on receiving expert FINEO glass installation from our qualified staff.

As an official FINEO partner, Chameleon stays current on the latest product offerings and technical specifications to provide the best service possible when fitting your FINEO glass.

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Project: Sash windows repair in Northamptonshire

Sash windows repair in Northamptonshire

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Testimonial – Sally

Project: Vacuum double glazing installation

Vacuum double glazing installation

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