We only use Accoya/ Tricoya timber for our windows repair

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Accoya/Tricoya wood is warranted for 50 years above ground, 25 years in-ground/freshwater. The Warranty is by Accsys to building owners

What is Accoya/Tricoya?

Accoya® brings unprecedented reliability for timber; it is manufactured and tested not to visibly swell, shrink or distort. Highly durable and stable, Accoya excels in any climate.

Tricoya® creates a new class of MDF products with class 1 durability and exceptional dimensional stability, suitable for a wide range of exterior applications such as door skins and door panels, façade paneling, trim, fascia’s, soffits, etc.

Both materials we use for sash window repair projects because of the unprecedented properties, manufacture guarantee and science behind this new man made timber.

50 years warranty

Accoya® wood is the result of over 80 years research and development. Combining the proven modification technique of acetylation with cuttingedge proprietary technology, this high performance wood is created for demanding outdoor applications; from windows to doors, decking to cladding, bridges to boats.


How we use Accoya/Tricoya timber to extend the lifetime of your windows

We protect the most vulnerable parts of the windows and doors with Accoya/Tricoya which will protect them for over 50 years.

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