Sash windows repair in Cambridge

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Sash windows repair in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. 

Do your sash windows have any of the following issues?

If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place for help!

  • Window Sills
    Decayed Window Sills
  • High heating costs
    Single glazing High heating costs
  • beading
    Rotten beading
  • putty
    Loose putty
  • glass pane
    Cracked glass pane
  • Improve soundproofing
    External noise Improve soundproofing
  • sash window frames
    Holes in sash window frames
  • rotten bottom rail
    Missing putty and rotten bottom rail
  • rotten sills
    Wet, partially rotten sills
  • draught windows
    Cold draught draught windows
  • 8 Years Paintwork Guarantee
  • 20 Years on Repaired Parts
  • 15 Vacuum glass
  • Google Rating

Specialist in Sash Windows restoration in Cambridgeshire

Check out our past projects if you’re local to Cambridge or Cambridgeshire! During the past 15 years, we’ve likely restored windows for your friends and family.

If that’s the case, the best course of action is to reach out to them and inquire about their satisfaction with the windows we restored for them. We are confident you will receive a favourable response.

At Chameleon, we strive for excellence by continuously investing in our team, restoration methods, and materials.

This dedication has earned us a distinguished reputation as one of the top window restoration companies in Cambridge and the UK.

sash windows restoration in cambridge
Sash windows restoration and double glazing project in Cambridge

Here’s how we can be of service to you:

  • Sick of your energy bills skyrocketing?

    Our reglazing service provides a great solution without the need to replace your original wooden windows! With vacuum glazing fitted into your sashes, you can enjoy all the benefits of having double-glazed windows – greater thermal efficiency, higher energy ratings and enhanced security.
  • Don’t let rotting timber frame windows get you down!

    It may seem like it’s time to replace them, but with our expert team of restorers, we can bring those windows back to life. Just take a look at our before and after restoration gallery to see how many windows we’ve saved that were in the same condition as yours.

Hear what our clients are saying about us!

Check out our testimonials and look at the window refurbishment projects we’ve completed to get an idea of what we can do for your period property.

Testimonial — Suzy

Project: Sash Window Refurbishment in Hertfordshire

Sash Window Refurbishment in Hertfordshire

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Testimonial – Sally

Project: Vacuum double glazing installation

Vacuum double glazing installation

Watch Project

Testimonial — Trevor and Dee

Project: Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

Watch Project

Our service packages

Our minimum order quantity is 15 windows. We have two service packages to suit your window restoration needs.

The first one is a complete timber frame refurbishment. We remove any rotten wood and replace it with fresh, stable wood. We will then sand and redecorate your windows once this is complete.

The second package is retrofitting double glazing into your windows. This also includes the other packages, along with premium vacuum-sealed double glazing. So this is the best option to choose if your windows are looking old, are draughty and are in need of a lot of repair work.

Tasks PerformedRefurbishmentReglazing
Remove rotten bits of wood.
Treat affected areas with
wood hardener
Repair woodwork with Accoya/Tricoya
wood and flexible wood fillers
Encase treated woodwork with
Tricoya veneers
Unblock windowsOptional
Repair pulley cordsOptional
Replace cracked glassOptional
Sand down woodwork
Perform minor woodwork repairs
Repair loose putty with flexible
resinous fillers
Prepare woodwork for painting
Spray paint all woodwork
Install draught-proofing Optional
Rebate window frame
Instal FINEO double glazing units
Rebalance weights

Before and After Casement and Sash Windows Restoration

Why choose us

  • In-House TeamIn-House Team

    We do not hire temporary staff. Each member of our team has been thoroughly trained and has been working with us for many years.

  • Since 2008Since 2008

    We have been in the business for over a decade, and we’re here to stay.

  • InsuredInsured

    Our insurance cover is 5m

  • Full ServiceFull Service

    From glass installation to paint finishes – we cover everything. So, when planning renovations, you can rest assured that your timber window work is fully covered.

  • GuaranteeGuarantee

    We have complete faith in our products and services and truly care about providing a fantastic job that our customers are happy with. This is why we offer a comprehensive guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Family Run BusinessFamily Run Business

    Just like building a family home fit for a future generation, we have built a sustainable family business.

  • Fixed Timeframe Fixed Timeframe

    You don`t have to worry about any scheduling issues, as when we give you a quote, we provide a specific timeframe for the project to be completed.

  • InnovationInnovation

    We are constantly upgrading our tools to ensure that we provide a state of the art job with tailor-made equipment for the project at hand.

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