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Rotten Casement Windows Restoration near Cambridge

The customer’s needs

This beautiful home in a village just outside of Cambridge had a lot of wooden fixtures and features that were in need of restoration. This included some wooden siding, the door sill and some beautiful casement windows.

The customer had been told by a few other companies that they would need to replace the casement windows because of the condition.

Chameleon stepped up to the challenge and took on all of the restoration work at this property. We managed to save much of the traditional wooden features from this home and preserve the lovely look of the property with our restoration work. Here’s how we did it.

Windows Restoration Near Cambridge
Windows Restoration Near Cambridge
Windows renovation Cambridge
casement window restoration
rotten window frame
rotten bay window frame
rotten casement
rotten bottom rail
rotten window corner
rot under the hinge

What we did

When Chameleon took this project on, we realised that a lot of the timber on this property was in need of TLC. Some of the timber did need to be replaced.

Still, we ensured that any timber we replaced fit in with the lovely style of this old building and matched existing woodwork that we didn’t need to replace.

During our time at this wonderful property, we restored the door sill, timber siding and some timber framing around the home. This article, though, is going to focus on the biggest part of the job, the casement windows.

window renovation

The casement windows

The biggest part of this restoration project was the rotten casement windows. Sadly, some of the original woodwork was too far gone for even us to repair. However, much of the window frame was still in good enough condition that we could use wood treatments and fillers to fix the rot and protect the original wood.

repaired window frames
sanded timber cladding

Where we couldn’t repair the wood, we carefully cut new sections of the window frame that perfectly matched the existing sections and stitched them into the existing framework. We used the best quality wood products available to us that will provide over 50 years of rot-resistant protection for this home. You can see that the areas most affected by the weather were the bottom of the windows. This is extremely common and something that Chameleon has handled many times over the years.

We also restored the hinges and latches on the windows as we found that these were causing issues with the seals, and they were letting in moisture. Again, hinge areas on older windows are a very common issue-area due to something called Thermal Bridges (we have another article about this problem from this very job).

Window frames paint spraying

bay window paint spraying
timber frame painting

After all of the repair work was carried out to the casement windows, we removed all of the old paint. We then primed and painted the windows with excellent quality paint that will keep them looking beautiful for many years.

The outcome of full timber frame renovation

This restoration project was a big undertaking, and the customer was notably nervous because other companies had stated that all of the woodwork needed to be replaced.

However, Chameleon took this restoration work on and preserved as much of the original wood as possible, ensured it was treated for rot and protected it. We left this property near Cambridge looking 50 years younger, protected and with happy residents that didn’t need to pay as much as they had thought.

renovated frames
dormer window renovated
bay window painted and repaired
decorated windows

If you’d like Chameleon’s help restoring your casement windows or any of the other woodwork on your home, please give us a call.

When other companies say you need to replace your windows, we tend to disagree and can ensure your wood is treated and protected for years to come.

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