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Windows repairs and painting in Cambridge

While this classic family home in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge wasn’t especially old and its windows in relatively good shape, it still needed to be freshened up and given a new lease of life.

In just 3 days we gave this property new curb appeal and allowed the owners to keep their attractive wooden windows for many years to come.

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Windows repairs and painting in Cambridge
Windows repairs and painting in Cambridge

Window renovation progress

We were able to simply sand down the exterior woodwork and complete some minor window repairs where necessary. This included the window sills, the soffits, the garage door and surrounds.

When windows are in relatively good shape and only need minor repairs, it is always a good idea to have them done sooner rather than later. The bigger the repairs, the more expensive the work ( or even a complete replacement) and the shorter a maintenance cycle will be. Once we repair and paint your windows, we recommend that they are refreshed again in 5-10 years’ time. With mainstream decorators, this cycle is usually 3-4 years and involves substantial repairs.


Prior to spray painting, we carefully protected all of the exterior windows and walls with film and masking paper. This is a crucial stage in our work as we want to protect the brickwork from even the tiniest drops of paint.

The result is a fresh and beautiful finish that gives this home a little well needed TLC and has a smooth and even mirror-like finish. The homeowners were able to maintain the beauty of their sashes and not lose the character of their home.

Act quickly if you see rot

If you have noticed any small areas of rot or damage on your wooden window frames or sashes, get in touch. We can professionally repair these minor defects and ensure that the wood doesn’t continue to deteriorate. It is key that you act quickly. If you leave any damaged areas, they will continue to rot, and then the repairs will be costly and potentially change the characteristics of your home. For more information about our fantastic window restoration services and how we can save your windows, please get in touch. Our team of highly-skilled window restorers are here to keep your home protected and looking beautiful for years to come.

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