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Windows restoration Sawbridgeworth

Transformation and Restoration in Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is full of classic period properties and this house in the pretty town of Sawbridgeworth was no exception.  Sadly, over time, the doors and wooden casement windows had fallen victim to rot and with visible deterioration and flaking paint, were spoiling the charm and good looks of this Grade 2 listed property.

Timber cladding using sustainable wood is an on-trend feature of contemporary property design but this style of building has ancient roots in both Hertfordshire and Essex and is a much-loved attribute on many period properties throughout both counties.

Restoration in Sawbridgeworth
Windows Restoration in Sawbridgeworth

The timber cladding on this listed house was also clearly in need of some renovation alongside the soffits, doors and windows but care is always needed on a listed property.  The original style must be maintained but fortunately, with our expert techniques, we were able to repair and restore all these wooden features without any need for replacement.  

The first part of any wood restoration is to remove old and flaking paint to fully expose the hardwood underneath and assess the condition.  Using lamination technology, we were able to first take out soft and rotten sections and then repair with Accoya timber.  Accoya and Tricoya wood offers exceptional properties of durability and weatherproofing.  It does not shrink, swell or distort so is perfect for the damp weather conditions in the British Isles and retains its paint finish for far longer.

We left this house with a 10-year guarantee on all the painted wood and a 20-year guarantee on the repairs we made on the wood before it was painted and finished.  The results speak for themselves and reassure the homeowner that the work will endure and won’t be an exercise they have to repeat in the near future.

Restoration of this quality reduces the onerous maintenance requirements of these iconic timber properties and increase their attractiveness at sale because the visual aesthetic and character are supported by 21st-century techniques which maintain the tradition but lessen the workload.

The results speak for themselves and demonstrate that it is not necessary to replace traditional features on listed or unlisted properties with modern alternatives which are out of character and can considerably harm the appearance of the building.  We combine the best of modern technology with traditional materials to create a long-lasting solution which won’t spoil the look of your home but will provide long-lasting value for money.

Client’s testimonial

The property owner was delighted with how the work was handled on-site. This window restoration project was carried out with the minimum of disruption to the household and great care and respect shown for the house.

A ten-year guarantee is offered for the paint and a twenty-year guarantee on repairs.

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