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Renovation of 60+ windows in one of the most beautiful houses in Bluntisham

The renovation of the windows and woodwork of Bluntisham House took place in 2015 and was one of our larger and more detailed domestic projects. The house is a stunning property with around 60 windows, including those on outbuildings – these include a large conservatory.

With the owners away on holiday, we were contracted to complete the window renovation within a two week period, something that was made possible by our fast spray painting system. The job began with the sanding and filling of the wooden window surrounds and other decorative woodwork. We use two-compound resinous fillers, Accoya and Tricoya wood fillers that are tested to last at least 50 years, and electric sanders, connected to dust extractors to keep our work area tidy.

Once the wood was sanded back to bare, we were able to start the spraying process using only the very best American imported paints. The result is a fine, smooth finish that has an almost glass-like sheen. But of course, we never spray without first protecting the surrounding areas with masking paper and film. We take our time to do this very thoroughly.

We are proud to say that our work won the approval of the homeowners, who had it independently inspected. These windows will now last many more years and the property is protected for future generations.

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