Sheen is a term that is used to describe paints that have a lower level of gloss, therefore a lower amount of light that can be reflected

It is typically used as a descriptor when discussing paints that are categorised as satin, silk or eggshell along with others that have lower reflective properties to semi-gloss. If paint is described to have sheen, it can be expected to reflect about 15% – 40% of light.

These kinds of paints are good for walls and surfaces where high durability is needed, for example it would highly suit being used in kitchens or bathrooms. It still provides some protection against staining so would also be good to use in areas with high traffic such as hallways or living spaces.

This being said, the term heen’ can also be commonly interchanged with the term loss’ so it is important to look at the context when reading the description of the paint before making a choice.

Other terms

  • Satin


    Satin is a term that describes a paint that is not as glossy (reflective of light) as semi-gloss, but more so than matte paints. Satin paint reflects about 26% to 40% of light. Satin paint is a great choice for rooms that have suffered a little wear and tear. Its less reflective quality means that […]

  • Absorbency


    Absorbency refers to the degree to which a surface or marital takes in liquids. Materials with high Absorbency such as matte painted walls, plaster and untreated wood (especially softwoods) take in liquids easily. As a result, this can make them prone to staining, mould and frost damage. Materials that aren’t absorbent like plastics, treated wood, […]

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