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Wood stain

Wood stain

Wood stain is a term that describes anything that colours wood. There are products that solely stain the wood but there are also others such as oils, varnishes and waxes that both stain and teat the wood (make it less absorbent and resistant to damage).

Wood stains consist of a pigment or dye (for colour) suspended or dissolved in a vehicle or solvent. Wood stains typically use alcohol, petroleum or water as a vehicle or solvent (E.G if water is used their called water based). Wood stains that us primarily dyes provide a more transparent colouring and are used for finer grained woods. Pigments offer more opaque colouring and are better of woods with a less fine grain. There are many products that us both to provided semi- opaque colouring.

Wood stains are/ need to be absorbed by the outer layer of the wood. Because of this, it is important to apply it to freshly sanded or bare wood as any prior treatment will stop it from being absorbed.

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