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Sash windows painting Cambridgeshire

This sash windows painting job was in Cambridgeshire at a pleasant property with a variety of different 1 over 1 type sash windows on display as well as French doors. For this job, we were there just to redecorate the sash windows at the house with none of our other repair/renovation services involved.

Sash windows painting Cambridgeshire

Window preparation

The Chameleon team began preparation of the timber sash windows by sanding down all surfaces. This both removes surface imperfections on the wood but also allows for the required bond between the paint, when applied, and the wooden frames.

Following thorough sanding of the sash window frames, we begin complete protection of areas to be painted. This is a crucial work stage as it enables paint spraying to be carried out efficiently and with no risk of spillover of paint onto undesired surfaces.

Sash windows painting Cambridgeshire
Sash windows painting Cambridgeshire

Due to the finish of the previously applied lime wash paint to this building it made sticking our sheeting down a little more difficult than usual with the gusty weather threatening to lift it. As a result we had to take some extra effort to ensure all the sheeting was properly affixed.

Sash windows decorating

With the sash windows on the house fully prepared and protected (wall areas and glazed inner areas of windows) we can begin paint application via sprayer. Using premium paints, we apply thickly and evenly to achieve extremely high quality and long-lasting results. Our spray method offers greater control and precision and is an important part of our finish.

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windows painting

Other services

As well as our redecoration service provided for clients on this job, we also offer our bespoke sash windows restoration service which involves the thorough repair of damaged frames prior to decoration.

Alongside this, we can assist clients with a draught-proofing service as well as the retrofitting of new glazing into existing frames. This approach saves replacing historic windows with a completely new sash and losing some of the characters of the property. The ultra-thin vacuum-sealed fineo glass used in this process is also superior to much of the double glazing used in modern units reliant on a gas seal.

Other projects

Window renovation and upgrade enquiries

Feel free to contact us here at Chameleon to discuss your inquiry and for a free quote. A window specialist company based here in East Anglia, we pride ourselves on our high quality and thorough approach to window restoration. With a lot of experience on projects ranging from residential to large scale stately homes, we’re well placed to deal with all your window restoration and decoration needs.

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