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Sash windows restoration Ely

Sash Window Repair Ely, Cambridgeshire

Here we review a sash window restoration project in Ely, Cambridgeshire. This Victorian property displays some wonderful, quintessential stylings.

As always, it was a pleasure for the Chameleon team to bring this property’s splendour to the fore. The passage of time had been wearing down the quality and appearance of these windows, and our customer decided to contact us to resolve the problems!

Sash windows restoration Ely
Sash windows restoration Ely

In just one week, we repaired and rejuvenated this home’s windows: making the bay windows proud again and reinstating the confident character of the sashes.

Take a look at how we did it…

Yes, Home is where the heart is!

As a homeowner, you interact with your building every day: every time you open the front door, get comfy in your living room or walk toward the front door after a long day out. You are in a relationship with it, and when aspects of your home are tired – e.g. if the windows rattle and the doors jam in wet weather – it impacts on how you feel.

Here in Ely, our customer had noticed she wasn’t feeling so “buzzy” and “smiley” when she returned home each day. She realised it was because her windows were feeling a little sad and unloved!

If your windows feel a little glum, this is the perfect time to take positive action.

Work to be done…

 Our customer had a good idea of the issues and work in need of doing. We met for a chat to discuss the project, assessed the windows and provided a review of how we planned to approach the work.

The essential sash windows restoration work included:

We itemised our estimate which more than satisfied our customer’s budget expectations and so we were invited to do another job:

Sash windows restoration Ely
Sash Window Repair Ely

Review of the windows restoration process

This was a straightforward project for our skilled restorers. 

First, we stripped back the windows to reveal and gain access to the damage.

Rotten sills were replaced with Accoya® timber which was seamlessly integrated with the original hardwood.

Minor damage to existing timber was repaired with Tricoya® veneers and premium hardeners, then filled, sanded, and prepped for painting.

Flaking sash windows paintwork – on all the bay windows, single sashes and the front door – was thoroughly scraped back. Followed by lots of sanding and additional spot-repairs, filling and sanding where required. Primary masonry sills were also stripped back and prepared for painting.

Alongside the removal of old paintwork, all deteriorated window putty was removed and replaced with our high-grade replacement putty. On the door, original furniture and ironmongery were carefully removed or masked off during the decoration phase.

We began the windows redecoration phase: our team did final preparations and masked off all areas for paint spraying. Once multiple smooth coats had been applied, we were able to reveal the impacts of this property’s beautiful renovation!

Restoration project completed

This project is a lovely example of how caring for your property’s original details and heritage characteristics bring benefits not just to the building and its windows, but also to you and those who interact with your home.

This project was successfully completed within one week, and the benefits will last for decades!

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