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Sash window refurbishment in Shepreth

This was an interesting sash window refurbishment project for Mary and William. Our details were passed to them by friends.

We did this project in September 2013.

Exterior woodwork and sash windows still looked well but the paint came off in many places letting water in. Wood started rotting beneath the layer of flaking paint. The first thing we did was putting protective film around the windows inside the house. The film protected the interior of the house from dust.

Sash window refurbishment in Shepreth

Windows refurbishment

We took out the badly rotten sash windows, removed the old paint and replaced the rotten wood with Accoya. This is our standard process of sash refurbishing windows

Almost one-third of the old cracked putty was replaced with resinous wood filler from the Window Care system range. The remainder of the existing putty was lightly sanded and primed before painting.

Gable repair

The gables were rotting at the ends. Again, we removed the old paint, sanded it where the wood beneath it was sound. The rotten wood was carefully cut out and replaced with Accoya.

Painting windows and exterior woodwork

The next stage of this sash windows refurbishment in Shepreth was masking the areas around the sash windows and gables. It was necessary to protect the stonework when the wood is paint sprayed. The sprayer gives much better coverage than a brush and leaves no strokes. The sprayed surfaces look immaculate as if they are brand new.

Whenever we do window and gable restorations, care and attention to detail are vital. Our job is to make the house appear as if it has never had any restoration work done at all.

So, we always try our best to reuse the wood wherever possible. As we mentioned above, though, it wasn’t possible in this case. So, we carefully remove the rotted wood, keeping as much of the original wood as possible, and then painstakingly recreate the wood that we removed. The results speak for themselves. A beautiful home that looks just as good now as it did when it was first built.

Sash windows refurbishment in Shepreth: result

Our work exceeded the clients’ expectations. Both Mary and William were very pleased with how neat the windows looked. The paint lines on the glass panes were straight and sharp, adding to the feeling of sophistication given by the beautifully crafted doors and windows.

Sash window refurbishment
Sash window refurbishment
Sash window refurbishment in Shepreth
Sash window refurbishment
Sash window refurbishment in Shepreth
Sash window refurbishment
Sash window refurbishment in Shepreth

Conservatory timber frame repairs and painting

Conservatory timber frame repairs
Conservatory timber frame repairs
Conservatory painting

Client’s feedback

“We have used Alex and his team for a number of projects – 2 of which were very large ones. We found Alex to be very personable, helpful, reliable and trustworthy. We left him to redecorate a holiday cottage and completely trusted him with the house and things within it.

On all occasions, Alex delivered what we required and came up with helpful solutions to deal with cracks in the walls etc. He always finished on time and worked extremely hard to get the job done in a timely manner.

The results met or exceeded our expectations and he always cleaned up after him! I would not hesitate to recommend Alex.”

Mary Quantrill

2019 (6 years after)

6 years later, in 2019, we came back to repaint the windows. Like the rest of the world, we did not stay still and have been constantly trying and testing new materials, tools and developing and finetuning our own method, which would combine all the relevant developments in wood preservation and restoration.

With experience came realisation that most of the wood decay is concentrated in the bottom parts: bottom rails, window sills and beading. Even if you remove the rot, fill it with something decent and expensive like Dry Flex epoxy filler, windows will rot again in 2 years or, if repairs are done by professionals, in 4-6 years.

This time round we used our most recent sash window repair method, laminating the most vulnerable parts of the windows with tricoya timber.

The paint on the laminated parts of the windows should now last for at least 10 years and for 7-8 years on other, non-laminated parts of timber frames.

Some sections of the conservatory were also laminated and redecorated.

We are truly committed to finding new ways to prolong timber windows’ maintenance cycle. The more new timber care products come to the market, the more the idea of finding the perfect timber preservation method seems possible in the near future.

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