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Renovation of decayed timber windows

Renovation of decayed timber windows and repairs of masonry walls in a listed property in Great Chishill

Sash windows repair Great Chishill
Cottage Windows Great Chishill
Cottage window
Cottage Restoration Great Chishill
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great chishill cottage

Chameleon carried out work on this listed property located in Great Chishill, Cambridgeshire in April of 2016. Despite the relatively small footprint of the building, there was still quite extensive window repair work needed on the masonry walls and timber window frames.

decayed window beading
decayed window beading

Renovation of decayed timber windows in Great Chishill
Renovation of decayed timber windows in Great Chishill

Restoration process

We began preparation work with the graduated sanding and filling of all wooden window surrounds and frames. For the filling we use two-compound resinous fillers ideally suited to exterior use. 

For any wood repairs, we then employ Accoya/tricoya wood that is tested to last at least 50 years above ground and pairs extremely well with old frames on heritage properties such as these, leaving an indispensable footprint on the original window.

New beading and Re-decoration

Following the above preparation with surfaces now ready for painting, we begin protecting all areas which will be sprayed with film and tape to ensure they are all well contained. This is a time consuming but critical part of our work process as it means at the next stage we can spray efficiently and with confidence, free from worries of any paint spray-over.

Renovation of decayed timber windows in Great Chishill
Renovation of decayed timber windows in Great Chishill

Our spray paint application then begins providing a very even and high wearing finish which exhibits an almost glass-like sheen. This is in part due to the high quality imported American paints we use which are amongst the best of all the specialist exterior paints for which the manufacturer also offers a lifelong guarantee.

Due to poor weather, this job took a little longer than it normally would with us finishing in around 2 weeks, as compared to around 3 days with fine weather.

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