Interior decorating in Arrington

Interior decorating in Arrington

The door was not in a particularly bad condition. However, it did have quite a few deep cracks. We cut through the layers of old paint to repair the cracks in the wood rather than simply smoothing wood filler across the top layer of paint.

By repairing the cracks properly we ensure the repairs will last long. Once the cracks were repaired, we sanded the old paint to achieve a smooth surface and redecorated the door.

Painting furniture

Anyone who has ever tried painting furniture will know how cumbersome it is. You need to properly de-grease the surfaces, take out any loose parts, properly sand everything, undercoat and finally paint the units.

Painting furniture
Painting furniture

By adding layers of undercoat and paint you will inevitably make any moving parts of furniture rub against each other. The paint will scuff. You have to redecorate again and again until you get a specialist in to put things right.

Even though painting your own furniture can be a soothing experience for some, this is one of the few jobs around the house that we recommend having done by professionals. It will be faster, cheaper and give you a much better result.

We make the whole process easier, faster and almost stress-free for you. We spray paint furniture whenever possible to achieve an even finish without adding much to the surfaces to avoid rubbing.

Also, in our work, we use specialist paint formulated (Paint dilute/thining is part of it) for spraying furniture. It is so hardwearing, that it won’t chip, rub or scuff. It will even withstand your pets’ sharp claws.

On this project, we protected beams, floors and other adjacent surfaces against overspray. All units were properly prepared for the painting. Spraying the furniture was the most rewarding process – you could see the change straight away. It was quick and the finish was amazing.

Kitchen furniture decoration and interior kitchen painting

In the kitchen, we used the same technique for painting the furniture as in the living room. The biggest difference was the preparation. Most surfaces had to be degreased prior to painting. Julia also asked us to sand the worktops to give them their original beauty back and do some repairs.

As you may see from the photos, the amount of preparation was considerable – every lamp, socket, white goods, floor, AGA and window had to be protected with paper and masking tape against the paint splashes. However, it was all worth it. The finish was very even, there was no paint built up and compared to painting with a brush alone the whole job was done in a fraction of time.

Once the furniture was painted we could start the more conventional task of painting the ceiling and the walls.

Interior redecoration of a sitting a room

Redecorating the sitting room was very straightforward – no hidden “surprises” or difficulties. Most surfaces were still protected from paint spraying the units. We just needed to prepare the walls and repair the skirting boards. When all cracks were filled with wall filler and stains covered with a stain block, we did a lot of cutting in.

The property is old and the walls and ceilings are gorgeously uneven. We had to trade in the straightness of some lines for the benefit of the house’s character in certain areas. The result was brilliant. Even though the photos would not show tiny details, we were very pleased with our work.

A lot of attention was paid to details – even paint coverage everywhere, smooth wooden surfaces, hardwearing paint where needed, no drips or paint splashes and we hovered the floors on finishing the job.

Ceiling redecoration

Painting the ceilings was probably the easiest task in this project. Even though we had to play around with the numerous beams, making sure no paint touches them, it was still simpler than redecorating the furniture.

Julia wanted us to mix two paints to achieve the perfect colour for the ceiling. She wanted it to be a soft white rather than a brilliant white. The mixed colour complements the character of the house making the whitewashed beams look more natural.

Please note: We did this project many years ago. Since then we do not offer exterior or interior painting services as we only specialise in wooden window refurbishment and exterior window paint spraying.

The whole job was done while Julia and her family were on holiday. They worked with us before and trusted us with the keys. The cats were left house sitting. They welcomed us every morning and enjoyed watching us work after they had their breakfast. Working to the cats’ purring was wonderful. Looks like we made new friends happy.

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