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Exterior Decorating work in Fulbourn

Michael and Ann wanted to update the tired-looking exterior of their house. We noticed that the paint on most of the exterior woodwork was flaking. Simple rub with sandpaper would not help as the paint would continue coming off, letting moisture in, and this would lead to the timber decay. In about 10 years the badly rotten woodwork would have to be replaced. Anyone who has ever had this done on their home would know how expensive this is.

Primed and undercoated

Instead, the chameleon decorators team sanded the boards down to bare wood, primed and undercoated it properly and applied two coats of Sadolin paint. This was all done with minimal disruption to the family and at no extra cost. The price of our work was equivalent to that of a simple redecoration done the lazy way.

The ‘shortcuts’ that we took with this wooden boarding were justified and the correct procedure for the situation. The family wanted to protect the home while ensuring that the styling and overall traditional feel of their home went unchanged. Of course, we could have recommended that they replaced the wooden boards altogether, which would have been costly and time-consuming. However, we knew that our methods of restoration could give the family the style they wanted and keep the house protected for many years.

Strip the paint off

From the first image of the home, you can see that many of the wooden boards had lost a lot of the paint due to peeling from weather conditions. This allowed us to quickly strip the paint off, sand the boards smooth and treat any minor areas of rot. We could then prime the wood with a good quality primer and then use an exterior grade paint that matched the exterior trim features and offered plenty of protection for the wood.

Overall, Michael and Ann were very pleased with the work our window restoration team did. It kept the beautiful style of their home the same but ensured that it was protected from the weather too. Plus, the cost of this restoration was minimal compared to if they had waited for a few years and the wood had rotted further.

Client’s feedback

“I highly recommend chameleon decorators – they have handled both internal and external decorations at our home and on both occasions handled the work promptly and professionally. Alex gives straightforward and practical advice on what is required and sets high standards for his team. We will use them again on future work.

Michael McGarvey, Fulbourn

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