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Exterior Decorating work in Fulbourn

Michael and Ann wanted to update the tired-looking exterior of their house. We noticed that the paint on most of the exterior woodwork was flaking. Simple rub with sandpaper would not help as the paint would continue coming off, letting moisture in, and this would lead to the timber decay. In about 10 years the badly rotten woodwork would have to be replaced. Anyone who has ever had this done on their home would know how expensive this is.

Instead, we sanded the boards down to bare wood, primed and undercoated it properly and applied two coats of Sadolin paint. This was all done with minimal disruption to the family and at no extra cost. The price of our work was equivalent to that of a simple redecoration done the lazy way.

Shortcuts are something we use very carefully. Only when needed and agreed by the client in advance. We are really fond of the way Germans work, love their attitude to quality. It islong lasting quality that we try to achieve in every job we do. This makes us proud and leaves our customers happy.

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Exterior Decorating work in Fulbourn
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