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Our team specialise in sash windows restoration and repair in Bishops Stortford. We refurbish timber frames and restore sash windows functionality. 


Sash windows restoration services in Bishop’s Stortford

We are trusted experts in sash windows repair in Bishop’s Stortford and sash window frame refurbishment and re-decoration. Our company have decades of experience restoring casement, sliding, sash and windows in conservation areas or in Grade 2 listed properties.

Specialist in sash windows restoration in Bishops Stortford.

Fall in love with the look of your home again by refurbishing your sash windows in Bishop’s Stortford. Wooden sash windows are beautiful and full of charm. However, after many years they can become weather-beaten causing them to rot and decay meaning they are no longer effective as they once were.

Years of wear and tear on your sash windows may cause the timber to rot, decay, rattle, let the heat escape from your home, and ultimately make them look less appealing.

Should you replace or repair your sash windows?

You may think that when your wooden windows are no longer as beautiful as they once were or become badly rotten that the only option is to replace them with new windows entirely.

However, this is not the case.

We can restore even the most damaged timber frames, so you can keep original windows and sashes and retain the original charm of your home. Our company offers a one-stop solution for wooden window restoration as we not only repair timber frames, we can also restore functionality and re-decorate windows, so you do not need to manage different traders to renew your windows.

You may want to replace your windows to improve thermal efficiency, as in most cases new sash windows come double glazed. We say don’t, as we can retrofit Fineo glass, ultra-thin high-performance vacuum glazing into your original sash window frames.

should you replace or repair your sash windows
Example of a repaired curved window sash in a listed building

Here are the top 9 issues we deal with every day

  • Window Sills
    Decayed Window Sills
  • beading
    Rotten beading
  • frame
    Partially decayed frame
  • putty
    Loose putty
  • glass pane
    Cracked glass pane
  • painted windows
    Recently painted windows
  • sash window frames
    Holes in sash window frames
  • rotten bottom rail
    Missing putty and rotten bottom rail
  • rotten sills
    Wet, partially rotten sills

Before and after casement and sash windows repair in Bishops Stortford

Our team do not just add another paint layer, we specialise in treating issues such as badly decayed frames, rotten beading, missing putty, broken cords and thick layers of old paint, from decades of maintenance which makes sashes heavier and upper sashes stop closing properly.

While renovating the frames, we protect them for decades. All windows paint spraying work will last up to 12 years before further redecorating work is required. Plus, our work comes with a 20-year guarantee on timber repairs and 8 years on paintwork giving you even more peace of mind.

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Why choose us

  • In-House TeamIn-House Team

    We do not hire temporary staff. Each member of our team has been thoroughly trained and has been working with us for many years.

  • Since 2008Since 2008

    We have been in the business for over a decade, and we’re here to stay.

  • InsuredInsured

    Our insurance cover is 5m

  • Full ServiceFull Service

    From glass installation to paint finishes – we cover everything. So, when planning renovations, you can rest assured that your timber window work is fully covered.

  • GuaranteeGuarantee

    We have complete faith in our products and services and truly care about providing a fantastic job that our customers are happy with. This is why we offer a comprehensive guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Family Run BusinessFamily Run Business

    Just like building a family home fit for a future generation, we have built a sustainable family business.

  • Fixed Timeframe Fixed Timeframe

    You don`t have to worry about any scheduling issues, as when we give you a quote, we provide a specific timeframe for the project to be completed.

  • InnovationInnovation

    We are constantly upgrading our tools to ensure that we provide a state of the art job with tailor-made equipment for the project at hand.

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  • thorough assessment of your exterior woodwork;
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