Sash windows double glazing in Royston

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Sash windows double glazing service in Royston. 

Do you experience any of the issues listed below?

If yes, our sash window double glazing service might be the perfect solution.

  • Low energy efficiency & high heating cost
    Low energy efficiency & high heating cost
  • Poor external noise insulation
    Poor external noise insulation
  • Cold draughts
    Cold draughts
  • Condensation on window panes
    Condensation on window panes
  • 500+ Happy
  • 8 Years Paintwork Guarantee
  • 15 Years of Warranty on Glass
  • Google Rating

Reglazing single-glazed sash windows with vacuum glazing

If you reside in a period property in Royston or the surrounding areas with single-glazed wooden windows, we understand the challenges you face with single-glazing, and we have a solution tailored to address all its issues.

Our sash window double glazing service in Royston can upgrade your windows to double glazing without the need to replace the frames or sashes.

We seamlessly integrate the new glass into the existing sashes, enhancing your windows’ efficiency and comfort.

Quick overview of our double glazing service

Double glazing existing windows

Repair and reinforce window frames and sashes

Vacuum glazing

Listed buildings double glazing

Extensive guarantee

Sash windows double glazing in Royston

As good as triple glazing

We are certified installers of FINEO glass, a premier brand of vacuum double glazing in the UK renowned for providing the same thermal insulation as triple glazing.

Despite their superior insulating properties, these double-glazed units are a mere 8 mm thick, allowing them to be retrofitted into existing window frames seamlessly. This innovative glass technology offers a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern performance.

vacuum glazing is as efficient as triple glazing

Sash windows draught-proofing Royston

Draught-proofing installation is an integral aspect of our comprehensive sash window double-glazing service in Royston.

Achieving an airtight seal on all moving parts of sash windows is vital for superior insulation and energy efficiency.

Our expert team meticulously ensures that every crevice and gap is sealed, thereby preventing air leakage and enhancing thermal performance.

This not only improves insulation but also contributes to noise reduction and prevents the intrusion of dust and drafts, creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient home environment.

sash window draught proofing
Sash window refurbishment Royston

Restoring frame and sashes

It’s perfectly normal for original wooden windows to exhibit various issues; this is what we anticipate from wooden structures that have weathered diverse conditions over many years.

With this understanding, our double glazing service includes comprehensive restoration, where we address all these issues. We meticulously assess and rectify any problems, ensuring your windows not only gain improved thermal efficiency with our double glazing but are also restored to their former glory.

An important, yet not immediately visible aspect of our installation process is the attention to weight and joint strength.

We carefully add additional counterweights to compensate for the extra heft of the double glazing, ensuring the windows operate smoothly.

Simultaneously, we reinforce the joints to fortify the window’s structural integrity, accommodating the increased weight without compromising functionality or aesthetic appeal.

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We bring historic wooden windows back to their former glory and make them energy efficient

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