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Windows renovation Cambridge

Renovation of wooden windows in Cambridge

This large and well-proportioned family home located in Cambridge required both window restoration and redecoration work to bring it back to its prime condition. With windows suffering from peeling paint throughout, as well as rotting timber, addressing these issues was our top priority. 

Preparation of woodwork

We start by sanding down all surfaces to bare.This is both part of the preparation process and also allows us to better assess which areas of wood are damaged or affected by issues such as rot to be dealt with in the next work stage. Areas which are not so badly affected so they need to be removed are treated with wood hardener.

sanded window
rot in timber frame

Following the sanding above we get to work with accoya/tricoya wood. Rotten sections are removed and replaced like for like where necessary, whilst other damaged frame and window sill fronts are repaired with Accoya wood.

This wood is durable, offers great thermal properties as well as resistance to mould and warping over time. The manufacturer also backs it with a 50 year above ground guarantee. When paired with our resinous filler it is the optimum solution to addressing serious restoration issues on historic wooden window frames.

Window Painting

After careful protection of all work areas with sheeting and tape, we begin the spray paint application. With the use of our high quality American imported paints this achieves a very even and hard-wearing finish- accompanied by a lifelong manufacturer’s guarantee. The glass-like sheen left by this paint combined with the spray method is really something that a brush finish simply finds very difficult to achieve.

Windows renovation Cambridge
preparation for windows painting

Work completed

We completed this job in just 5 full days, making it a great example of the efficiency of our windows painting and restoration process. We left satisfied owners and a transformed property with its dominating window areas completely refreshed and looking like new – all without needing to resort to PVC units.

Windows renovation Cambridge
Windows renovation Cambridge
painted window
Windows renovation Cambridge

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