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Exterior decoration in Meldreth

Clare and her husband wanted to get the exterior of their house redecorated. Choosing the right colour was crucial. It had to complement the house’s age and character, give it a sympathetic “facelift” and most important – it had to look good. The hunt for the perfect shade was pretty extensive – using colour swatches, testing the favourite ones, doing some internet research and window shopping to see what might look good. After a lot of hesitation the colour was chosen and the job began.

We timed it for the clients’ vacation to limit any disruption to their lives. As you may notice from the pictures, Alex and the team did a lot of preparation work – covering up windows, a conservatory, a car parked in front of the house. Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t go to such an extent, especially with the windows. However, the house had very deep rendering which is a real nightmare to paint as even the best long pile rollers wouldn’t get into all the holes in rendering and someone would have to spend hours and hours doing it with a brush. Therefore we used our trusty paint sprayer. Hence the meticulous work with the masking tape.

Once everything was covered and all cracks were filled, we chose the least windy day and started the fun bit of the job – paint spraying. Usually, we manage to get away with just one thick coat which covers everything perfectly and reveals the new colour’s depth. However, due to the deep rendering, we applied two good coats of paint. The weather was not on our side – the temperature rarely rose above 18C with streaks of rain and we had to wait for a day for the first coat to fully dry before applying the second one. Looking at the end result – it was totally worth all the little inconveniences. While on holiday, Clare was kept up to date with the work progress with the photos we took before, during and after the job was finished. Timing the decorating for your holiday is great but the colour change may come as a bit of a surprise at first as you miss the part where this change happens. Two days later Clare settled into the new colour and now seems very happy with her choice. Another happy client and a job well done. Hip, hip, hooray!

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