Painting Chapel conversion Ely

Painting Chapel conversion Ely

Tim is a professional property developer who has turned many properties. We first met him over 4 years ago when he hired us to re-decorate his own home on a recommendation from a friend. He loved the finish/price ratio and the fact that the job was finished fast without any interruptions.

Planning ahead

When he purchased a run-down chapel in Stretham, he asked us to keep a time slot for painting the chapel once it was converted. This was the first time when the price was not agreed upon at the start of the project. Tim knew our price level and trusted us enough to do the work fast. For us, this was one more reason to work extra efficiently to ensure the client is happy not only with the finish but also with the bill.

Painting process

In this project, we used our trusted paint sprayers. Without them, the project would have taken times longer than it actually did. Alex and Andy used scaffolding towers to reach the highest points of the ceiling. The longest part of decorating the ceiling was masking the beams and the surfaces below.

Once ready, the actual priming and painting took us about two hours!

When you compare this to one coat of primer, two rounds of cutting in and 2 coats of paint done by hand, two hours is a pretty amazing result.

The builders who we worked alongside were literally lost for words when they saw the ceiling painted so fast. From that point onward we only saw their faces when they quietly sneaked into the rooms we worked in to have a quick peek of how to paint spraying was done. Bless them!

Tim was very pleased with our work. Great quality aside, we gave him what he needed the most –

  • We were flexible and worked around his planned schedule and tiny delays which were inevitable on a job of this size;

  • We worked extended hours to ensure the property can go on the market faster;

  • Being well organised, we did not disappear, which happens a lot with some tradesmen who work on numerous projects simultaneously;

  • The bill at the end of the job was as Tim expected;

  • Alex and Andy ensured the finishing touches were spot on.

Please note: We did this project many years ago. Since then we do not offer exterior or interior painting services as we only specialise in wooden window refurbishment and exterior window paint spraying.

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