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Wooden windows restoration Barley

Extensive repairs of wooden windows in a charming house in Barley

In the summer of 2016, we were called in on a recommendation by the owners of Grade 2 listed House in Barley. They requested a full restoration and redecoration of windows at the property which we were happy to carry out.

rot in window
rot in casement window frame

Window restoration and painting

We begin by preparing and sanding all wooden surfaces. This involves the scraping down of old paint and removing any rotten and damaged areas. Following this we complete the repairs required with our accoya/tricoya wood system. Any lamination of particularly damaged areas is also done here prior to getting ready for paint application.

This durable and mould-resistant wood pairs extremely well with heritage window frames during the repair process and also comes with a 50 year above-ground manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind. It is only used on areas where absolutely necessary for restoration, in line with our philosophy of striving to keep as much of the original historic wood from windows and frames in place as possible.

Wooden windows restoration Barley
Wooden windows restoration Barley

The window areas are then thoroughly protected with sheeting and tape to make work areas are contained and there is no spray over of paint. We then apply our high quality American imported paint in coats via a sprayer. With our spray method, we ensure solid and even paint application leaving a high quality and durable finish which is far more consistent and hard-wearing than that left with a brush. 

Wooden windows restoration Barley
Wooden windows restoration Barley

Conservatory timber frame repairs

We are happy to leave the windows on this property looking like new when we finish the job as well as two very satisfied owners.

Client’s feedback

“We have used Chameleon Decorators ever since they were recommended to us six years ago and have gone on to recommend them to as many people as we can. They are everything you could want in a decorating firm; punctual, polite, 100% reliable and most importantly, their work is second to none.

When it comes to decorating, most people realise that prep work is the key to a good finish and Chameleon Decorators clearly know this.

Whilst they prep meticulously, they work quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a job incredibly well done. I cannot praise them enough.”

Jo Suter, Barley

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