Sash window restoration Guildford

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Restore your period sash windows with our professional sash window restoration services in Guildford. We specialize in repairing and restoring traditional sash windows to preserve their aesthetic and functionality.

Restore and Double Glaze Original Sash Windows

We don’t just repair rotten frames and draught-proof them, but we can also reglaze your wooden windows with vacuum double glazing.

  • Decayed Window Sills
  • Rotten beading
  • Partially decayed frames
  • Loose putty
  • Cracked glass pane
  • Missing putty
  • Cold draught
  • Heat loss
  • External noise

Wooden windows refurbishment Guildford

With decades of experience refurbishing sash windows in Guildford as well as casement and sliding windows, we are the first choice for long-lasting timber window restoration with guarantees. We can renovate rotten timber frames and add double glazing to your originally single-glazed sash windows.

We can also make your sliding sash windows function better than ever before by preparing and replacing cords, pulley and weight mechanisms.

Our team of craftsmen only use the materials that will last. For example, Accoya wood is used for any job that requires a new solid piece of timber. When we work on sash window double glazing projects, we only work with Fineo glass and the best draught-proofing seals and weather strips.

Please note: our minimum order quantity is 15 windows for restoration and 10 windows for reglazing with vacuum double glazing.

Sash window repair Guildford
sash window double glazing Guildford

Sash windows double glazing Guildford

Rather than replacing your existing single-glazed sash windows, consider reglazing them with vacuum-insulated glazing units. This allows you to retain the original aesthetics while gaining numerous benefits of insulated glazing:

  • Improved energy efficiency – Vacuum-insulated glazing provides marketing-leading thermal insulation, helping reduce heat loss.
  • Reduced external noise.
  • Enhanced safety – Toughened Vacuum glazing is harder to break than standard glass.
  • Lower energy bills – Better insulation saves on heating and cooling costs. It can also improve your property’s EPC rating.
  • Eliminated drafts – The improved airtight draught-proofing seal removes cold air infiltration.

Reglazing with vacuum-insulated units allows you to upgrade your windows’ performance while retaining their original character and style. It’s an effective alternative to full window replacement.

Sash Windows Restoration Examples

For more examples check our before and after window restoration portfolio page.

bow sash repair
bow sash window sill repair
Sash Windows Repair in Hertfordshire
Sash Windows Repair in Hertfordshire

Window restoration in Guildford

Grade 2 listed windows restoration in Guildford

Grade 2 listed windows restoration in Guildford

In many historic buildings, bay, sash and casement wooden windows were custom made for the property. This means that they are very expensive to replace as standard size wooden windows would not fit. Additionally, as the owner of the listed building, you might already know that any alteration or big jobs to the listed building requires permission and window replacement is among them.

With our sash window refurbishment services, though, we can renovate existing window frames with no need for replacement. It’s much less expensive than replacing the windows and even longer-lasting than new softwood windows.

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Project: Sash Window Refurbishment in Hertfordshire

Sash Window Refurbishment in Hertfordshire

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Sash windows restoration in Suffolk

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Project: Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

Double glazing Georgian sash windows with FINEO glass

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