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Wooden windows repair in Ickleton

This wooden windows repair project in Ickleto, Cambridgeshire in 2013 is the perfect example of the huge transformation that can take place when woodwork is correctly repaired and spray painted.

The house had wooden windows that were painted many times, was hiding many areas of rot and looked unsightly.

Wooden window repair process

We advised our client that this job would need substantial window frame repair work including many new window sills, the removal of rotten sections and refilling with Accoya and Tricoya wood and resinous fillers.

The addition of a wood hardener ensured that the remaining wood would last much longer.

Once our new wood was tied into the existing window frame, we sanded everything smooth. This ensured the paint would be applied evenly and everything would match. At the request of the customer, we removed the old green paint and sprayed everything with exterior white paint that would protect the window frames for many years to come.

Rotten window sill replacement

Rotten window sill replacement
Rotten window sill replacement

This involved protecting the surrounding windows and house exterior with masking paper and film and the application of two coats of premium quality professional paint.

Wooden windows repair in Ickleton: The result

The result of this window restoration was seamless repairs while keeping as much of the existing window frame as possible. This kept the traditional style of the window but ensured that the frame was protected. The customers were very pleased with the results, and we think the windows came out great.

Do you have some windows that need repair? If so, get in touch today. Our professional window restoration team can transform your windows while keeping the traditional styling.

Rotten window sill replacement

Window rot

As you can see from the photos of the windows, the windows were extremely rotten, particularly where rain had pooled over the years. We removed all of the rotting wood from the window frame and replaced it with new, stable wood.

We did, however, keep as much of the old window frame as possible. If the wood was healthy, we kept it to ensure the styling of the window and the home was unaffected by our repair.

Project video

The wooden window was carefully repaired to its former condition new exterior window sill was installed. The client was very pleased with the paint spraying finish and the end results.

Rotten timber window sill replacement

Triangle window sill replacement

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