Why is spray painting better

Why is spray painting better

Why is spray painting better than brush

Spray painting is fast becoming the method of choice amongst leading professional decorating teams and it’s easy to see why; this modern approach is fast, effective and gives your home a remarkable elegant finish.

Why is spray painting better?

You will find some painters and decorators don’t offer the service; spray painting is an area of expertise but it is one that we have worked hard to master to enable us to offer it to the benefit of our clients.

A flawless finish

With a single coat of spray paint, you get the same result as 6 coats of paint applied by a brush; except no brush marks and no stray bristles. The need for fewer coats significantly reduces the effects of paint applied unevenly, making for a smooth finish, far less susceptible to chipping.

Better protection

Applying paint in fine particles, as with the technique of spray painting, enables the paint to deeper penetrate the surface it’s applied to. This provides far better protection to your woodwork or masonry than brushed paint which sits on top of the surface and is liable to crack, making a gateway for moisture which will in time cause the paint to peel and flake.

brush paint layers
Brush applied paint
spray applied paint layers
sprayer applied paint

Fast drying

Again due to the paint being applied in fine particles, spray-painted surfaces dry much faster than brushed paint. The second coat can be applied the same day making for a faster turn-around on the job at hand and less worry of smudged surfaces and ruined clothes. Where brush painting will take 5 hours, spray painting will take just 45 minutes to cause the paint to peel and flake.

What can be spray painted?

We can spray paint everything from windows and doors to masonry. Spray paint is highly protective making it the ideal choice for an external finish.

Window and doors

We have used our expertise to ensure our paint is the best for the job; imported from the USA it is water-based, low odour and fast drying. Using a paint that dries 3x faster than brushed paint means your doors and windows can be closed the same day and your home will be secure overnight.

Caring for sash windows

As the leading window renovation and window repairs specialists, we know the struggles of sash windows; they are lovely when they work but can be very frustrating when they stick. More often than not, this is due to overpainting; brushed paint is liable to drip into the runners, putting a strain on the whole sliding mechanism; spray painting ensures the paint hits only the area to which it is applied and won’t run.

Traditionally, the paint from the frame of your sash window should overlap with the glass to form a neat seal over the putty; this is a very difficult finish to achieve with a brush yet can be executed with precision with a paint sprayer, giving your sash windows the beautiful finish they deserve.

Your home is where our heart is

As with all of the services we provide, we work to improve your home with minimal disruption. Before we start spray painting we will ensure that all other surfaces are carefully covered and protected with plastic and polythene film – no splashes, no over-sprays, no mess; and you’ll be able to close your door behind us. Please also check our blog post about the best UK Paint sprayers.

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