Commercial office painting

Commercial office painting

Office painting in Cambridge

In spring 2017, the world-leading semiconductor IP manufacturer ARM recognised they had outgrown their head office space in Cambridge. Whilst new premises were built, staff spread to temporary accommodation; but not before we made the space habitable for them. As Cambridge-based commercial painters and decorators, we were contracted to paint and bring life to these temporary offices and make them fit for use as soon as possible.

Painting The Process

Prior to painting, all surrounding surfaces were carefully protected; floors were covered with protective films, switches and sockets were masked off for a neat finish, and wooden surfaces were covered for protection. For the clients’ convenience, we even protect office furniture and PCs to avoid the need to empty the rooms.

Please note: We did this project many years ago. Since then we do not offer exterior or interior painting services as we only specialise in wooden window refurbishment and exterior window paint spraying.

Project video

We used a spray painting technique for a high quality result; no brush marks and no patchy surfaces.

Our client was very happy with the speed in which we’d turned this temporary office space into a welcoming working environment.

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