Dulux PaintPod Alternatives

19 Aug

Dulux PaintPod Alternatives

Let’s look today at Dulux PaintPod Alternatives on the UK market, we have a list of 4 products that can do the same job as the Dulux PaintPod roller system.

The PaintPod was a roller system that was intended to simplify the task of painting. Dulux aimed to achieve this with the PaintPod’s self-cleaning functionalities and by eliminating the need to constantly climb up and down ladders to refill on paint.

Unfortunately, the PaintPod has now been discontinued. It is still possible to find it on a site like eBay, though there is one significant issue with purchasing one today: PaintPods require specific paint, which, like the PaintPod units themselves, have been discontinued.

Dulux PaintPod Alternatives

The Dulux PaintPod’s key features

As mentioned before, the PaintPod’s main selling point was that it removed the consumer’s need to frequently refill on paint. It was easy to carry and held a large amount of paint in its base unit, which was connected to the roller and emitted through the press of a button.

Furthermore, the PaintPod’s tie-in paint containers simply needed to be dropped into the base unit, removing the need for messy pouring. The PaintPod was also able to self-clean the roller sleeve and base unit itself; an eye-catching feature.

Why was the Dulux PaintPod discontinued?

Like most discontinued products, the Dulux PaintPod was discontinued due to a lack of consumer demand.

Why exactly the product struggled to sell could be down to many different reasons, though the key issues were likely the PaintPod’s need for a specific type of paint and its lacklustre self-clean mechanic that provided inconsistent results. Moreover, many experienced painters are wary of products like the PaintPod; believing them to be gimmicks.

4 Dulux PaintPod Alternatives

As one would expect with a discontinued product, there aren’t many items currently on the market like the PaintPod. For this reason, we have researched 4 Dulux PaintPod Alternatives to save your time. However, there are some other fillable rollers currently available, along with numerous sprayers which offer similar benefits despite their inherent differences to rollers. Sprayers are certainly worth considering as a Dulux Paint Pod alternative, as, like the Paint Pod, they offer a convenient solution to the traditional brush and tray method.  

Generally speaking, sprayers offer superior results to rollers, hence why they’re considerably more expensive. A good quality sprayer will provide an even, pristine finish, giving amateur painters the ability to do a professional-quality job. Sprayers also get the job done significantly quicker, making them ideal for large projects, such a windows painting.

Sprayers aren’t without their issues, however, especially for beginners. Sprayers are powerful pieces of equipment, so beginners will need to set aside some time to practice using them. Furthermore, sprayers often need extensive cleaning and maintenance after use, and the required paint can be expensive.

Wagner Fillable rollers HandiRoll 550

Much like the Dulux PaintPod, the HandiRoll 550’s main selling point is convenience. The HandiRoll is quick and straightforward to put together and has a long, adjustable handle that means most houses can be painted without the need for a ladder.

Wagner Fillable rollers HandiRoll 550

The HandiRoll uses a suction system that sucks the paint into its handle, eradicating any messing pouring; when the job’s done, the paint can be easily pushed out of the handle into its container. Another similarity to the Dulux PaintPod is that the paint is fed into the roller with the simple pull of the HandiRoll’s “power trigger”, making refilling a breeze.

Unfortunately, the HandiRoll 550 does have a few issues. For starters, the handle gets very long when full, making it un-ideal for tight spaces. Moreover, the product can be quite heavy to hold, making long painting sessions feel like a workout by the end. Cleaning the handle can also be tricky, as it’s far too narrow to get a hand in.

BLACK+DECKER BDPR400-XJ Speedyroller

The Black+Decker Speedyroller is a similar product to Wagner’s HandiRoll 550, with its handle that can be filled with paint, which is then fed into the roller by pulling a trigger.

BLACK+DECKER speedyroller

However, the Speedyroller has a few improvements over the HandiRoll to justify its higher price tag. The key difference is that the Speedyroller has a pivoting head, making it a far better product for painting in tight spaces and at awkward angles. The Speedyroller also comes with a splatter shield and a kickstand which is handy when you need to take a short break.  

The Speedyroller has similar shortcomings to the HandiRoll 550, with its handle that is tricky to clean and hefty weight when it is full.

Alternative to paint roller system: Paint sprayers

Tilswall 800 Watt Home Electric Spray Gun

Good-quality DIY paint sprayers can range in price from £50 all the way up to around £750. The Tilswall 800 Watt Home Electric Spray Gun is an excellent option at the lower end of this spectrum, offering great value for money with its high-quality performance.  

Like the Dulux PaintPod, Tilswall’s product emphasises convenience. It can be carried around while painting, and it even comes with a shoulder strap to save you from holding it by hand.

The Tilswall 800 Watt Home Electric Spray Gun is beginner-friendly, thanks to its air pressure control that lets you change the force from 0 to 1100ml/min with ease. The product also comes with three nozzles, allowing for vertical, horizontal, and circular spraying.

Bosch PFS 3000-2 All Paint Spray System

The Bosch PFS 3000-2 All Paint Spray System is another beginner-friendly piece of equipment. Like Tiswall’s product, Bosch’s has a base unit that comes with a shoulder strap and is attached to the spray gun to let you comfortably spray entire surfaces without stopping.

Bosch’s paint spray system has two different settings, one for spraying walls and one for wood. The product is more straightforward to clean than most spray systems, as its parts are easy to take apart and put back together.

The paint system also feels very robust and has a 1000ml paint container. Although 1000ml is a decent size, it is 300ml smaller than the aforementioned Tilswall product.

The Bosch PFS 3000-2 is significantly more expensive than the PaintPod, which retailed at around £40, though it does a far more professional job and is even more convenient to use.

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame that the PaintPod was discontinued, as it sounded like a fantastic idea on paper. However, the four Dulux PaintPod Alternatives listed above accomplish many of PaintPod’s goals while maintaining a higher level of overall quality. If you are about to start your decoration project and you are unsure how much paint you will need, make sure you try our interior wall paint calculator.


What does the PaintPod do?

The product aimed to make the painting experience easier for the consumer in the following three ways:

Firstly, it had a self-cleaning functionality that automatically cleaned both the roller sleeve and the base unit itself.

Secondly, it let the painter simply drop the PaintPod Emulsion Pack into the unit, avoiding any spillage.

Finally, it let the consumer paint for long, uninterrupted periods, as they didn’t need to constantly climb up and down ladders to refill on paint.

Can you use normal paint in the PaintPod?

No, it needs specific paint, known as PaintPod Emulsion Paint. You also can not use masonry paint. 

Do Dulux still make PaintPod paint?

Unfortunately, the answer is again no. Like with the PaintPod itself, it is possible to find the paint for sale on various sites online, though availability is few and far between.

Are Dulux PaintPods any good?

The PaintPod had some great ideas that aimed to simplify the painting experience. It was well-made, with most features delivering what they promised, except for the self-cleaning functionality, which often provided lackluster results. Like any product that tries to reinvent the wheel, many people dismissed the PaintPod as a gimmick and stuck to their trusted brush and tray set.

Today, even if you can find a PaintPod for sale, it’s not a good idea to purchase one due to it requiring specific paint. This paint is difficult to find, even on a site like eBay, and the product is useless without it.


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