Window refurbishment Milton Keynes

Window refurbishment Milton Keynes

Painting and decorating & window refurbishment in Milton Keynes

A long-standing client asked us to provide a very good friend with a quote for re-decorating the windows as part of a “Windows refurbishment in Milton Keynes” project.

The windows were in relatively good condition, but some required urgent attention. We discussed the extent of the work with Jo, the potential client. She expressed her desire for a thorough job, so we prepared the quote and emailed it to her.

Given that Stony Stratford was quite a distance from Cambridge, we thought it best to book the team into a local B&B. This would save them the hassle of long commutes to and from work. Alex and Andy were accommodated in a nearby B&B, and the van was loaded with all the necessary tools and materials. With everything in place, the project commenced.

Repair windows before painting

As always, the first stage of the job was to carry out the necessary repairs. The boys laid out dust sheets around the house to protect the lawn and footpaths from paint dust and debris. Then they carved out the rotten wood, treated the affected areas with wood hardener and repaired windows with Accoya wood and flexible wood filler.

Which timber we have used for repair

Accoya is an engineered wood whose resistance to elements is much greater than that of the hardwoods. The repairs are firmly connected to the existing woodwork by epoxy wood filler. It doesn’t shrink or crack, unlike the usual wood fillers.

It is not the easiest substance to work with. However, if skillfully moulded into the wooden item, it will not only look completely unnoticeable under the paint but will also protect the repaired area from cracking and further decay (as a result of moisture getting in through the crack).

Paint spraying

Complete work

Next, the team sanded down the old paintwork using different grit sandpaper to ensure the surfaces would appear smooth once painted.

Sanding is a somewhat noisy process, so it was carried out during the day when everyone was at work.

Our sanders come equipped with dust bags. As a result, all the dust gets collected in these bags, preventing it from settling on plants, the lawn, or inside the house.

After the preparation, the team masked the areas around the windows with tape and paper. This allowed the windows to be painted using paint sprayers, which can apply an equivalent of 4-6 brush coats. This method also results in a very smooth finish.

The entire project was completed in just two days. Jo reached out via email to express her satisfaction with the work. For us, it’s always rewarding to know our efforts bring joy to our clients.

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