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Gloss is a term that describes how much light can be reflected by a surface-so semi-gloss describes paint or coating that, when dry, has a slight sheen to it.

This makes it a great compromise between a matte paint (that produces no sheen) and a gloss paint (that produces a lot of sheen and makes a product reflect much more light).

Semi-gloss coatings or paints often contain more resin or binder than matte coatings, which is what gives it a more reflective finish.

The framework for UK paints puts the reflective value of semi-gloss at 41-69%.

Semi-gloss has superior resistance to moisture absorption, dirt picks up and staining to matte coatings. This makes it an ideal option for interior painting, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. The slight sheen of a semi-gloss paint can also make its colour appear brighter and more vibrant than the same colour in matte counterparts.

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