Gloss paint definition

Gloss paint definition and explanation

Gloss paint is a term that describes any paints that when dry reflects some amount of light.

Gloss paints can come in a wide range of variety in the amount of light that is reflected from matte (that has little reflection) to high gloss (which is very reflective) and varying levels between each, which are referred to with their own term i.e. eggshell, silk, satin or semi-gloss. These paints not only help make a room brighter but can make colours more vibrant.

The level of light that gloss paint reflects is achieved and determined by the ratio of adhesive blender, which solidifies when dry, to solid pigment particles. The more adhesive blender, the more sheen the gloss paint has. The adhesive blender also gives the surface more protection with high ratios offering an easy to wipe down and dent/scratch resistant surface.

This reflective property of gloss paints as well as their resistance to wear and tear makes it the perfect choice for interior decorating. To find out how much paint do you need, you can use our paint calculator.

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