5 Best paint roller extension poles review

5 May

5 Best paint roller extension poles review
5 best paint roller extension poles

Below, we are looking at paint roller extension poles. Our team of painters and decorators have been using these poles on jobs, including projects for many months, and we have their results just below. Before we tell you about the best extension poles for paint rollers, though, let’s find out what these poles are and why you need one!

Anatomy of a paint roller extension pole

A paint roller extension pole is a very simple tool comprised of just a few parts, including:

anatomy of extension pole
  • The handle â€“ usually, extension poles are available in a couple of different heights (2-4ft, for example), and the handles are pretty much always extendable.

  • Grips â€“ many extension poles have foam or rubber grips that make them very comfortable to use all day long.

  • Locking system â€“ locking system for the extendable handle. Some of these are plastic clamps, other are metal pin and hole systems.

  • Thread â€“ the thread is on the top of the pole and is designed to fit almost all paint rollers on the market. Some rollers don’t fit on poles, but we have some adaptors below to help with this.

Our paint roller extension pole review

 The paint roller extension poles below have been tested by our professional painters and decorators. Some of the extension poles have been tested for years on all types of painting jobs. Others, we have only tested for a few months. However, because we do a lot of painting, we can provide good examples of their strengths and weaknesses.

Purdy Extension Pole Review

This paint roller extension pole is one of the highest-rated on the internet, but we feel that it’s a bit overrated for what you get.

  • It has a good adaptor that does provide a pretty solid connection between the pole and the roller

  • Good grip handle
  • The locking mechanism on this pole is prone to slipping during use. 

The locking system on this pole is basically a clamp that clamps to the pole itself and tries to keep it in that position. However, we have found that after some use, this clamp doesn’t hold on too well. So, if you are painting walls or ceilings, the selected position can skid.

We find a pole with a pin and hole locking system to be much more robust. Granted, you have unlimited height options with this one, but the lock itself does let this pole down somewhat.

Purdy Extension Pole Review
Purdy Extension Pole Review handle
Purdy Extension Pole adaptor
Purdy Extension Pole locking system

Sherlock Extension Pole Review

So far, though, the Sherlock extension pole has held up nicely. We have used this pole to paint many jobs, and it has done its job very well.

  • This pole does have a very good, fixed locking system that works very well.

  • The lockingThe extension pole, though, is completely plastic (even the lock).

  • Not the cheapest 

For DIYers or handymen who don’t do hours and hours of painting a week, this is an excellent extension pole. It is sturdy, lightweight and helps you get paint everywhere you need it! Just be careful when operating the plastic lock, and you should have this paint pole whenever you have a spot of painting to do.

Sherlock Extension Pole Review locking system
Sherlock Extension Pole Review top tip
Sherlock Extension Pole Review

Shur-Line Extension Pole Review

So far, though, the Sherlock extension pole has held up nicely. We have used this pole to paint many jobs, and it has done its job very well.

  • It has a brilliant length control, is nice and sturdy and really not too heavy to use all day.

  • Best locking system

  • Best telescoping mechanism

  • Very comfortable gripe

  • The locking mechanism on this pole is prone to sSadly, though, we did have to repair the tip adaptor on our pole as it disconnected from the pole.

We simply used a pipe clamp for this. They are really cheap and held it nice and securely. Of course, it would be great if the pole hadn’t broken in the first place, but the fix was simple.

Shur-Line Extension Pole locking system
Shur-Line Extension Pole tip
Shur-Line Extension Pole grip
Sherlock Extension Pole with brush adaptor

ProDec Advance Extension Pole review

ProDec is back with another pole extension that has some equally enjoyable features as the first.

  • It has a very clever locking system that feels very positive in use and holds the pole extremely firmly while painting.

  • Very reasonably priced.

  • Best value for money.

  • Sadly, this roller extension pole is slightly let down by the tip adaptor. For some reason, this tip adaptor doesn’t hold all paint rollers securely. It is a bit lose, and so certain rollers can wobble a bit during use.

We have never had a paint roller fall off of this extension pole, but with the wobbliness of the tip, we wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen to someone. If you’re careful, though, this extension pole is very good and great value for money.

ProDec Extension Pole review review

ProDec is back with another pole extension that has some equally enjoyable features as the first.

  • It comes with a threaded adaptor and a push-fit one too.

  • The locking mechanism works really well too. The pole itself is aluminium, and so it is nice and robust, yet lightweight too.

Overall, we really liked this roller extension pole. It works well, hasn’t failed and has been a nice addition to our painting tools.

Does a paint roller extension pole have to be the same brand as the paint roller?

No, paint rollers and poles are pretty much universal. The threads are the same on all poles, and so if your roller has threads, it will fit on any pole.

What is a paint roller extension pole, and why you need one

A paint roller extension pole extends the height of your roller, allowing you to paint ceilings and tall walls without using a ladder or constantly stretching. They are really handy to have. Not using a paint roller extension pole can mean that painting is unsafe, but it is also very tiring if you need to stretch and reach above your head all day. Whether you are a DIYer painting a few rooms in your home or a handyman who does a spot of painting here and there, an extension pole is a very valuable piece of kit.

How to fit a roller to an extension pole

Fitting a roller to an extension pole can be as simple as screwing it on to the threaded portion of the pole. If the roller doesn’t have threads, though, you need to find a suitable adaptor that will secure the roller. Just above this section are the best adaptors to secure paint rollers that don’t have threads. You can either use a clamp and clamp the handle or use a push-fit style adaptor. Either works well, but clamps are a bit more versatile as they can hold brushes and scrapers as well.

How to use a paint roller extension pole

how to use a paint roller extension pole

Once you have firmly attached the paint roller to the pole, you can find a comfortable working height for you. Just adjust the pole and give it a try before you put any paint on the roller. Find that sweet spot where you can control the roller, easily re-apply paint and paint the walls or ceilings that you need to.

Once you have found the sweet spot, get some paint on the roller and start to paint the area slowly. It is worth taking your time if you’re using a paint roller on an extension pole for the first time. Make the exact same motions as you would normally when using a paint roller, but use both hands on the pole as this makes it a lot more stable. Painting with an extension pole can take a bit of practice, but in a few minutes, most people will get used to it and be able to paint with one nice and quickly. Also, be aware of your surroundings when using an extension pole as it is very easy to get paint somewhere you don’t want it.

We hope this look at paint roller extension poles and handy adaptors has been helpful. For more equipment, tips and tricks in the painting world, please explore our website further. We have all of the best equipment and tricks to make any painting or decorating job quick, easy and enjoyable.

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