Rest of England | What if my project is outside your immediate service area?

Remote quotation & minimum order quantity

Suppose your project location is outside our immediate service area. In that case, we can still help if your property has over 35 sash windows that you would like to double glaze by installing vacuum glazing into the existing frame.

If you only looking for window refurbishment, our minimum order quantity is 50 windows.


Our minimum service quantity for rest of England

35 windows for installing vacuum double glazing and 50 windows for window frame refurbishment.

List of our past projects

Double glazing retrofit in Leicestershire

Remote quotation

We can offer an initial online quote meeting over the video call, or you can send us the photos of your property façades with a couple of closeups so we can see your windows’ current condition.

Our team will produce the quote within three days. Suppose you are happy with our refurbishment and glazing retrofitting prices and ready to proceed further. In that case, our surveyor will travel to your location, take precise measures for the vacuum glass order, and show you glass samples.

Past clients’ references on requests

We can provide you with a couple of past clients’ references so you can chat with them and ask about their experience with our service and what different vacuum glazing is made for their comfort.

Pay only for glass before installation work commences

You will only need to pay for the glass before the work commence. The delivery of glass is direct from the factory to your home. After the glass is delivered, we will come at the agreed date and do an installation.

The work will take around ten working days to complete.

glass order delivery

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