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Exterior painting and
decorating in Cambridge

We provide unbeatable value for large projects, both quality and pricewise. Our team specialises in all aspects of exterior painting and decorating and wooden windows refurbishment.

We can help with


We will remove as much of the mouldy patch and damaged materials as possible, treat the affected areas with specialist anti-mould solution, repair the damage and paint the areas prone to mould growth with good quality masonry paint mixed with anti-mould paint additive.

Metal corrosion staining

We will remove all rust, clean off metal and treat it with premium quality metal primer. This will protect the metal and prevent it from corroding and ruining the look of fresh paintwork.

Decaying cladding

We specialise in timber refurbishment and can repair even the most decayed wood cladding. We will remove all badly weathered pieces of wood, treat the affected areas with wood hardener to stabilise and protect timber from elements.

Crumbly exterior render

This usually happens when surfaces were  not properly prepared for painting or the render itself was applied incorrectly.  Providing the problem is not structural, we can solve it.


This is one of the most common problems we see on a daily basis. We can inconspicuously repair all types of cracks. If we suspect a crack to be structural, we will recommend that you seek professional advice.

Flaking paint

We will sand and smooth down old paint. Sometimes we shall take off a couple of millimetres of old timber to ensure the wood is sound and a new coating highlights the woodwork's original beauty.
Exterior house decoration in Cambridge

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