Acrylic filler

Acrylic filler

Acrylic filler (often referred to as decorators caulk, painters caulk or decorators acrylic) is a water-based economical and environmentally friendly sealing and filling material.

Acrylic filler, when cured, offers flexibility and elasticity that allow for movement, therefore stopping cracks from reappearing.

Although mostly used for internal decorating, its resistance to moisture and temperature changes means it is also suitable for external use. Acrylic filler is ideal for all sorts of home repairs such as expansion joints, filling cracks in plaster walls and ceilings and sealing around the interior side of the windows, doors and skirting boards. Acrylic filler has a great advantage (that silicon fillers do not) of being easily painted.

Depending on which brand is selected, there are many different specialised acrylic fillers suitable for different tasks: some for porous surfaces such as brick, wood, plasterboard, windows and doors and some others are for use where fire resistance or sound insulation is required.

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