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Paint Spraying
services in Cambridge


Since 2008 we have been the only small decorating company in Cambridge to adopt paint spraying technology.Ever since 2014 we have been among  the Three Best Rated Painters and Decorators in Cambridge.

A perfect solution for large premises:

Bars/ pubs/ restaurants
Community halls
Private houses

Tailor-made solutions for exterior woodwork — timber cladding, exterior doors and windows.


Back in 2008 we were the first decorating company in Cambridge to adopt paint spraying technology. Since then we have mastered to perfection our skills and technology. We use 5 different types of paint spraying equipment with over 100 add-ons to provide perfect finish.


Over the past 10 years we have perfected our paint spraying skills working for private clients. Now we are rapidly expanding and offer paint spraying services to businesses who value speed, precision, excellent finish and above all professionalism and reliability.

Why is paint spraying better than
a good old brush?

Thicker, more even coating, means better all around protection


Paint spraying creates a smooth, even, almost mirror-like coating. Brushes, on the other hand, apply paint unevenly, leading to a compromised surface protection, paint drips and brush bristles left in the paintwork.


3x Faster


Paint spraying is times faster than painting with a brush. A standard window needs 2 coats of paint. Brush painting will take 5 hours (including the drying time for the 1st coat). Paint spraying will only take 45 minutes.

What do we spray paint as part
of a large project?

Exterior and interior walls



Window Shutters


Window Shutters


Paint spraying process


Surfaces are repaired and prepared for painting. Please have a look at how we repair wooden sash and casement windows using our own restoration system.


Surrounding areas are protected with
masking paper and film.


Target areas are spray painted.


Masking materials are removed, revealing perfect paintwork.
Check our paint spraying projects.


Asked Questions

How precise is paint spraying?

We make it very precise. All surrounding areas are carefully covered with masking materials. This eliminates even a possibility of paint getting onto surfaces it is not supposed to get on. In fact, paint spraying is tidier than traditional painting with brush.

How many coats of paint do you apply?

We paint spray surfaces in 2-3 stages. At each stage an equivalent of at least 3 coats of paint is applied. Therefore, the painted surfaces will have an equivalent of 6-9 coats of paint applied by brush.

What areas do you cover?

As a rule of thumb, we travel for up to an hour’s drive radius from Cambridge. We also work in Cambridge itself, avoiding city centre due to strict parking restrictions.

Do you take prepayments?

No. You pay us after we finish the work and you approve of it. We will email you an invoice with a request for an online bank transfer. This payment type is secure, it saves you time, money and leaves an audit trail of your payment.

How much do you add to your invoice for extra works?

Zero. Our quotes are fixed for a job. If we discover the exterior needs more work than originally anticipated, we will bear the extra expenses ourselves. You will pay nothing in extras. However, if you ask us to do something we did not originally quote for, we will provide you with a quick quote for the requested jobs so you can decide whether to go ahead. No nasty surprises.

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By the start of the season we are usually 40% booked for following 8 months. If your project has a specific start/ due date, please book us in early.

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